Forza 5 Car Pass Expanded; Now Includes 90 Next-Gen Cars

Brian Ekberg writes "Recently, we’ve seen lots of questions from players around our ongoing plans for DLC in "Forza Motorsport 5." After the release of the Meguiar’s Car Pack – which was originally scheduled to be the final pack included in the "Forza 5" Car Pass – some players were wondering if we were done altogether with DLC for the game. I’m pleased to put that notion to bed here and now; not only is more DLC on the way, but today we’ve also got some fantastic news for "Forza 5" Car Pass owners."

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user14394142625d ago

Forza 5 could have been a great game. Hopefully horizon does not suffer the same issues as this game. XoXoXo

LAWSON722625d ago

Forza 5 is a solid game too bad it lacks features and content from its predecessor. Oh and DLC, I thought 4 was bad yet they managed to make it even worse.

Yi-Long2625d ago

DLC is the reason why I abandoned the series, and with that, one of the main reasons why I didn't get an XBO.

Too much greed with this kind of nickel-and-diming.

EVILDEAD3602625d ago

Forza is amazing IMO.

Glad I already own the pass. Keep em' coming Turn 10.

showtimefolks2625d ago


i agree man its so frustrating that a true next gen game has less of everything than a game on last gen. And the pass damn it cost as much as the game itself. Just wait a year or so and get the GOTY or complete edition

like how farcry 4 is months away yet there is already news on season pass, and 9 special editions of watch dogs

I would love to know what some of these companies think when they do stuff like this, or do they take gamers for being extremely stupid?

incendy352625d ago

Such an awesome game, should have an addiction warning stamped on the box.

dream21002625d ago

The best racing car games out today

n4rc2625d ago

I got the VIP pack but not the car pack.. May rethink that

Aussiebeachbabe2625d ago

Great game. People that have not played it are the only one's to bag it. Excellent handling on all cars.