Is Age of Conan a WoW Killer?

Gaming Today writes:

"I think we can all agree that World of Warcraft is the 800 lb. gorilla of the MMO market. After all, at last count it boasted something along the lines of 10.7 million subscribers. Of course, prior to the release of AoC and Warhammer, I heard lots of people refer to either or both of these games as 'WoW killers.' I want to let you all in on a little secret: There is no WoW killer."

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skynidas4991d ago

Nope, because of the system requirements

CRIMS0N_W0LF4991d ago

I agree. AoC requirements are very demanding where WoW you can play it on Pentuim 3.

Also I tried WoW. I can never understand why people say its so good. Its literarly an MMO for kids.

Silellak4991d ago (Edited 4991d ago )

You are 100% right.

It is, however, the first MMO I've enjoyed in years. All of the launch problem aside, the combat is just FUN - not fun for an MMO, but fun for ANY game.

A player assassin can try to sneak attack me and will miss if *I* am fast enough to move out of the way. Just because he's targeted me doesn't guarantee him a hit.

That alone puts the combat lightyears above any other MMO out there.

AoC won't kill WoW. The only thing that might ever kill WoW is a World of Starcraft. I DO think it will be moderately successful and find its niche, however.

Hell, if Blizzard made a World of Starcraft, and then told people they could pay $20 a month for both WoW and WoS, then every other MMO in development may as well just shut down.

Tmac4991d ago

AoC is no WoW killer by any means. Level 32 Necromancer here and the game is so broken past level 20 it feels more like a chore to play, give this game 6 months to a year to evolve and then it might not feel so demanding, however right now avoid this game like the plague.

Silellak4991d ago

I'm a level 41 Dark Templar and the game has yet to feel like a chore to me. And I typically despise MMO's. I played an hour of a WoW trial and gave up. I played the LOTRO Beta for a couple of days. Last MMO I played seriously was City of Heroes, and even that was half-heartidly.

This is easily the most fun I've had with an MMO since Ultima Online came out over 10 years ago.

Tmac4991d ago

You don't have a broken class perhaps that's why?

Funcom hasn't fixed the core mechanics for the mage type, my rank 1 spells do exactly as much as my rank 2 spells, but get this COST 3 MORE TIMES in mana.

PvPing on a Necromancer is ridiculous they should just get rid of the class all together. Half of my our feat tree doesn't work, Mark of the devourer does nothing past 2/5. I'm happy your enjoying the game but I am obviously pissed I rolled the wrong class.

Not the first time either, Rolled a Druid in WoW, what a mistake that was, thankfully only 1.5 years later they fixed them.

Silellak4990d ago

Actually, DT is considered by many to be underpowered and gimped due to non-working/stupid/broken feats. But that's beside the point.

For the record, Funcom has already made a post about fixing Necromancers and Demonologists ASAP:

(If you can't read that, feel free to PM me and I'll send you the list. Just don't want to spam N4G with it.)

Tmac4990d ago

Thanks for the notes, I hope something is released within the next 2 weeks, if you wanna feel necromancer pain just roll one, fun till level 20, then it all goes down hill.

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Baka-akaB4990d ago

AOC is a AOC killer period .
The game is getting a success alright , but it will and already get downplayed by the numerous issues and bugs at hands .
Some classes are broken , and not like "it's ok it's a launch they will balance the classes " , but like not working at all .

Its obvious that the 700k pre orders werent aware of the state of things , werent aware of the faulty designs in quests and core mechanics , and technical issues ..
Its also obvious imo that a portion of those will not stay in the game .

On top the usual stuff to fix as usual in the first months of launch , the game itself is quite bugged ... not everyone will stand for that after a rock on solid Wow that had far less issues at launch .

Especially with a few people crashing right when logging on their characters , in some given areas .

Silellak4990d ago

AoC's launch is by no means perfect, but if you think it's BAD, then you haven't been playing MMOs a very long time.

People forget, WoW had bugs at launch, but even more significantly, you couldn't even *log in* to encounter those bugs because of the huge server overload.

jaja14344990d ago

It's nice to see some upcoming fixes but what kind of irks me is that most of the current issue could have easily been sorted out in Beta.

Feats not working as described/at all. Certain classes or rather group(mage) being completely, well ok not completely, unbalanced.

Lack of content 40+.
Bad UI/mapping when in group.

Now for my personal grief...
Instances!!! God I hate them to death when they are used for anything but dungeons. I know the various reasons they and by they I mean the AoC fans have given and it's all very logical and such. But that does not change the fact that I see no more than 20 people in any given area. It also makes grouping harder than it should be.
*ok I'm at x,y cord*
*so am I*
*No you're not...*
yea that gets old fast.

And my last gripe, although small it just annoys me.
Why can I not /wave? Every MMO to date has a /wave. I know small detail, but grr.

Anyways putting aside all of the bugs and class group imbalances, what really killed it for me was the heavy heavy heavy use of instances. And since this is not something that they can just fix with a patch, my account was canceled about a week ago.

Also PvP was not as fun as I had hopped. Though that's probably because I rolled a Necro.

Bolts4990d ago

People who disagreed with the Bak are clearly console fanboys who have no idea WTF is going on. They read the reviews and think Conan is already golden and set for the Xbox port. Failed!

The first 20 levels, most which are singleplayer is fine but post 40 the game pretty much crumbles. Incomplete classes, broken quests, missing features, the list goes on and on. This game isn't even a threat to LOTRO, nevermind WoW. It would take at least three months before they right the ship, but by then half of the current population would cancel after the free month, and when they leave they rarely come back. With Warhammer Online coming in the 4th quarter Conan doesn't have much time to waste.

Baka-akaB4990d ago

I say Bollocks and denial dude . Wow had you run of the mill launch issues like broken classes and servers issues . AOC is on a far different level .
I have enough experience thank you in that area imo , and right now among serious mmo (dont give me any crappy asian f2p grinding game or free stuff please) , AOC is doing only better than the gold star of those past years , Dark and Light .

AOC might be fun , but there is a limit to the "mmo always launch badly" excuse ... standards evolves over years , and after game like wow and an also full instanced like Guild wars (without subscriptions to boot) who launched quite extraordinary well , AOC is really pushing it .

Pain4990d ago

Conan is going to Nail.
W.A.R is going to be a Bunch.
Conan on RROD2 will Most definitely be a few.
PS3 MMO's will be rest.

But like i say if W.A.R's delay was for Porting to PS3/360 Oh Sh!t its game over WoW

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