Conan O Brien Reviews Watchdogs

So Watchdogs is getting a lot of press but everyone is still waiting for a high end perspective review. Well here you go. The well seasoned game reviewer Conan O Brien has got your back. Stay tuned for laughs.

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pwnsause_returns1611d ago

Im surprised he didnt lay out an NSA joke while at it...

NewMonday1611d ago

this is probably his first time reviewing a PS4 game, it was only Xbox games before IIRC.

another sign of pop culture shift.

Army_of_Darkness1611d ago

Yeah very surprised he didn't review the xbone version like he always does?? huh...
Anyhow, entertaining review as always LOL!

r211611d ago

Considering NBC is in partnership with MS, this is very odd to see.

xpressyoself1611d ago


Except Conan is on TBS and not NBC......Where have you been the last 3 years

Buff10441611d ago

Watch Dogs on PS4 is the lead sku. Ubisoft probably sent that version specifically.

s1xt6en1611d ago

They just did the Dallas stadium review which was all ps4.

Magicite1611d ago

even conan admits, that PS4 is now in lead.

Thatguy-3101611d ago

Yup and if you notice when we see any coverage from a media outlet on a game they are using the ps4 where as last gen they would use the 360.

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Crazyglues1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

That was really awesome, best part was when he shot the lady on the boat by mistake, his reaction was priceless... LoL

Game is looking Awesome, can't wait to play this..

||.........___||............ ||

incredibleMULK1611d ago

That was sweet. Best part when he called him out on the handshake

majiebeast1611d ago

Best part was the hand interception at the end.

Septic1611d ago

Haha yeah that was brilliant.

Here's a gif of it:

punctualdork1611d ago

Who is disagreeing with such an innocuous comment?!

RandomGamer1611d ago

N4G is ..... no surprise to see it on this site.

I could say I hope all babies grow up healthy and I would get disagrees .

ZodTheRipper1611d ago

Maybe people have a different opinion on what was the best part?

CrowbaitBob1611d ago

"Best parts" of youtube videos are a pretty big deal. You can't just run around assigning such lofty accolades willy nilly. Such thoughtless actions would inevitably lead to anarchy on the interwebs.

yarbie10001611d ago ShowReplies(2)
OpieWinston1611d ago

Couple Conan haters here?
Man reviews games and is actually quite funny. (Least to me)

stuna11611d ago

Exactly! Sometimes I wonder if the ones giving the disagrees imagine the ones they're giving the disagrees to are sitting at their monitors crying lol?

Letros1611d ago

I loved the video where he visits Blizzard to play WoW.

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The story is too old to be commented.