Should you be worried about Watch Dogs' review embargo?

VideoGamer: "Ubisoft's long awaited Watch Dogs releases next week, and, somewhat controversially, the publisher has revealed that the review embargo lifts the same day.

Many feel this means the much-delayed open world title will suck. But what can history teach us about such matters? VideoGamer.com looks back over a select choice of games that also tied their 'umbongo' into launch day to see if a trend exists"

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MultiConsoleGamer3656d ago

Review embargos always have me worried, but I'm more concerned about the frequent delays (always a bad sign) and stories of journalists receiving free $200 tablets at preview events for the game.

I'm still hoping to be pleasantly surprised by this game. I finally got a pre-order just a few days ago.

MasterCornholio3656d ago

I'm actually going to read a few reviews and a performance analysis to make sure this game is worth playing. Development has been really shaky with this game which is why I wont buy it at launch.

Anthotis3656d ago


I'm suspicious of stuff like this, when you compare the behaviour of Last Of Us publishers to the Watch Dogs pubs.

I was looking to get it at launch, but i'll see what's up first.

It could still be a purchase for my PC if despite whatever problems it might have, it is outweighed by what the mod community can provide.

TomShoe3656d ago

Review embargoes aren't a big deal.

You could always just buy it day two, you know. It's not like the game changes.

ZodTheRipper3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Seems like I'm in the minority but I preordered it through PSN yesterday after seeing some convincing gameplay. I actually think that this COULD be way better than GTA5 after seeing the footage. I hope I'm right, can't wait for next week =)

Clown_Syndr0me3656d ago

Ive preordered it, but disc copy as always so if I don't like it, or finish it quickly I can sell it on and get 80% of my money back.

I don't understand people who preorder digitally, if it turns out crap those people are screwed.

ZodTheRipper3656d ago

Well I have other advantages though ;)
My brother has a PS4 too, we share all games together ...I would need to buy the game twice to play it with him. I can't sell them but it's very convenient to switch between digital games. I went full digital for PS4 (and PC) and I don't regret it at all :)

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djplonker3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Simple fix for this

Dont buy the game until the reviews are out!

Dspdspes3656d ago

I'm not worried anymore. Fro what i've seen, it looks gorgeous and interesting enough. Still.... Four.... Days..... Though......

Spotie3656d ago

Not any more than for any other game. Though there was a little kerfuffle about downgrades, there really hasn't been anything to be worried about.

markyboy21813656d ago

after watchin the gameplay demos on my 1080p tv last night b4 watchin was cancelling pre-order after watching def not hardly any downgrade from e3 2013 at all so smooth as well cant wait:)

Nerdmaster3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I honestly can't understand what you're trying to say.

GuruMeditation3656d ago

I've got a rough English translation:

"Before watching the gameplay videos (on my 1080p TV) last night, I was convinced I should cancel my pre - order. After watching, however, I have decided to get it after all; there are no visible downgrades from e3 2013 IMHO and very smooth gameplay on show. I can't wait!"

Fasttrack763656d ago

My only worry in all live videos ive watched is the lack of pedestrians otherwise i cant wait to play this.

Clown_Syndr0me3656d ago

Alot of people seem concerned by this. Ive never been to Chigaco but in my city in UK there certainly isn't huge crowds of pedestrians around every corner.

If I walked a couple of miles through the more residential areas I may only see between 5-10 people.