[MWEB GameZone Review]: Blazin’ Aces – Retro dogfighting extravaganza

The South African developer, Red Dot Lab, has recently unleashed their retro dogfighting game called Blazin' Aces onto the mobile market. The game is a 2D side-scrolling wonderland of aerial combat that is simple to play, extremely difficult to master and delivers some retro dogfighting goodness onto mobile devices.

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plut0nash1612d ago

Very hard game. I just criticise the controls, they need to be a little more responsive.

Sillicur1612d ago

Which device did you play it on? For me the controls were very responsive on android. Game has had some recent updates though.

Game is super hard, one of the reasons it is so fun i feel :)

plut0nash1612d ago

Galaxy S3 :) I'll try it on my tab though.

DesVader1612d ago

Feels like an old school arcade game :)

Sillicur1612d ago

Exactly! I think thats what makes it good hehe