PlayStation Now PS4 Beta Leaked Video Shows UI, Gameplay, Renting, Lag, 50 Seconds Loading and More

Yesterday you saw the first glimpse on the PS4 version of PlayStation Now and today YouTube user Cry0spa7t3 uploaded a much nicer 9 minute long video showcasing basically everything you might want to see.

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GribbleGrunger1611d ago

And this is why Sony have NDAs. It's called a Beta for a reason and showing it running during the Beta is pointless.

Abriael1611d ago

Not so pointless, the UI looks extra nice, and I love how it integrates with the main UI. Just gotta take it with a grain of salt.

GribbleGrunger1611d ago

Yeah, the UI looks nice but let's face it, there will be many many people who take the video at face value and forget it's a Beta. Beta's are for 'improving' something so it's pointless showing a video of it running in Beta. I have no issue with you posting this video though, you are a news site and that's your job. I DO have issue with the user who broke the NDA.

lashes2ashes1611d ago

Take what with a grain of salt? These are not rumors its actual footage of ps now. I'm sure it will be better after beta but the load times are faster than on the ps3 beta.

GribbleGrunger1611d ago

You're telling me people aren't going to constantly go on about the 'lag'? You honestly believe that the overall takeaway from this video with be 'load times'?

Volkama1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

People crave information so much that we get full news articles on twitter posts and job listings, but an actual video of an in-development service in action is pointless? :o

It really doesn't matter if people make a big fuss about lag, if it is not present in the finished product.

EdiT: I don't think people should be breaking NDAs either, just because it isn't ethical to do so. But that isn't the same as the video being pointless...

Septic1610d ago


"I DO have issue with the user who broke the NDA"

What? Why?! You don't work for Sony.

When I leaked the Xbox One UI, you actually helped me post more stuff on NeoGaf (thanks again for that btw).

Come on bro. Just because this leak has some negative elements doesn't mean you should pounce on it.

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

GribbleGrunger1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

They were pictures, Septic. This is a video in which the user constantly refers to lag ... in a Beta that is designed to help Sony sort out any issues, such as lag. If people don't judge the performance on this then fine.

But you're all slipping and haven't spotted the biggest flaw in my complaint. Seriously people, you must do better! 'But in order for you to know there's lag, you must have watched the video. What a hypocrite, Gribble!!!!'

And you'd be right. I slapped my own face when I thought about it.

Oner1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I actually kind of agree with both of your points to an extent Grib/Sec. But have a few gripes of my own to add about this leak ~

1) It seems more like an ill informed review than a "oh look at how this BETA is at in this stage of time" thus it comes off as a biased overview or something

2) LOTS of misinformation that should be quite clear to most people let alone gamers for example ~ "The Leaker" (as he should be referenced to from this point forward tbh) is surprised (and sounded a bit offended) that the PS3 beta games are not available automatically in the PS4 beta when it should be completely obvious that's a good thing as you get to test MORE titles.

3) He states he's @ 100Mbps yet doesn't say anything about ping, if it's wired/wireless, what NAT type, what type of router let alone even attempts to show/prove the speed etc. thus adding to obfuscation.

4) He makes a glaring statement about how "obviously PSNow needs to be fixed" after just 1 example of which any number of variables could have effected this "experience".

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Mikey322301610d ago

Mine doesnt lag what so ever.. Its fantastic.

Im on just normal 15mbps down 1 up

wired connection

Eonjay1610d ago

Sometimes people believes that their connection is better that what it is. He actually received a message saying that his connection wasn't good.

Ron_Danger1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I've got a 50mbps down 20mbps up Comcast connection and I've had almost no input lag. The PS4 beta is much faster than the PS3 beta. I remember starting up The Puppetter on PS3's beta and it took around 50 seconds from starting the stream before actually playing the game. This morning before work, I booted up Legasista on the PS4 beta and was playing 26 seconds later.

kneon1610d ago

There is little correlation between download speed and latency. You can have incredible download speeds and still have high latency.

I could be directly connected to a server via 10baset and have lower latency than someone connected via fiber but located 5000 miles and many hops away.

jjonez181610d ago

I'm in the same boat as you. I actually haven't noticed any lag in my month of the ps3 beta, and the ps4 beta is even smoother. I get rock solid gameplay but my visuals seem washed out. Other than that I've nothing but positive things to say about ps now.
I'm on a 10 Mbps up and 1 down wired connection.

I was surprised to see how much lag this guy was getting.

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Septic1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Why are you being so defensive here? Yes its a beta and yeah this is a breach of the NDA but its not exactly pointless when we get an idea of how it works at the moment.

Us lot here in the UK should not have an insight at all?

You have to take the bad with the good. If it lags, it lags. If the UI looks nice, it looks nice.

When I leaked the Xbox One UI, even though it was a very early build, people obviously saw the value of it.

Like cgoodno once said, the squeakiest cog gets the oil. So any exposure like this will make Sony mindful of correcting any errors, if they even exist.

Blaze9291610d ago

@GribbleGrunger calm down buddy lol. All your videogame feelings are showing

Magicite1610d ago

basically ps4 will become backwards compatible, right?

Ilovetheps41610d ago

Nope. I have over 70 PS3 games that I can't play on the PS4 even with PS Now.

Elzer1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Playstation now is so pointless. Everyone that owns a PS4, majority of them own a PS3. Everyone that complained about DRM, why won't you go buy a used PS3 game and own a PHYSICAL COPY?! Streaming games will never be 1 to 1

akaFullMetal1610d ago

That's right people have OPTIONS, which is good. Nobody is forcing you to get this, also it will be great to see PS1,PS2 and PS3 games on vita, tvs and tablets.
Why are you so defensive about this? You still have the option for a PHYSICAL COPY as well.

XiSasukeUchiha1610d ago

It's called a beta is suppose to test out the service to see for bugs and exploits and glitch for PS Now user get to put in feedback Sony and in the future when it comes out, they will fix to be the best!

SIdepocket1610d ago


Try it out for yourself before you condone actual footage of the service. This is releasing this summer, not sure how much better you expect it to be.

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Cobberwebb1610d ago

"Our connection speed is 100 Megabytes a second."
I have a feeling he meant 100 Megabits, which is plenty fast enough. I have a 60Mb connection which would also be fine. I'm not an expert, but I think your 'ping' time would also be a be factor as well, so you don't get too much lag from your controller input.

Abriael1610d ago

Yeah people get easily confused between megabits and megabytes.

incendy351610d ago

Based on that video, I am guessing this service is still a very long ways away.

Abriael1610d ago

Open beta in the summer.

Predaking771610d ago

I wonder what part of BETA you didn't understand.

psforward1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I played a few games on PS Now last night. Noticed little to no lag except when a game would autosave and I remember that happening when playing games off disc anyway. I'm on a wired connection in Portland Oregon just for reference, playing on PS4 btw.

Clown_Syndr0me1610d ago

I imagine it does lag, but isn't that what betas are for? Stress testing on the servers and so on..

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