Evolve Hate to Love in 6 Minutes!

Earlier this morning, 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios introduced Evolve fans to four new Hunters.

Hyde the Assault, Bucket the Support, Lazarus the Medic, and Maggie the Trapper are all fresh faces to the more familiar set up of four classes, but each bring with them new weapons and abilities to the table, changing up the gameplay considerably.

Lucky for us, Eurogamer has posted a preview of the game showing off each of the new Hunters in action, so we get to see some of their skills put to the test. You can even compare to some of the gameplay we saw last month, demonstrating a full match of Evolve from start to finish.

Evolve drops on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 21.

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Toxic-zombie1610d ago

Realy looking forward to this. Looks like a great team based tactical shooter.

KeeseToast1610d ago

Does anybody know something about local-multiplayer for this game??

Watchmeplay1610d ago

I think it will feature both single player and multiplayer modes. The beasts will be controlled by other player's working against you while your team of hunters tries to take the beast done and control areas.

KeeseToast1609d ago

Thanks, I just hope it has split-screen like L4D and the Beast is controlled by someone online, AI, or which would be awesome by a fith player with the PSVita!