Victorian Steampunk JRPG Gataela - Preview | Cliqist

Julie Morley writes: "The story of Gataela is of a country in peril. Ten years ago Gataela broke out into a horrific civil war that completely tore the country apart, ruining the lives of its people and leaving many in poverty. Our main character, Zack, is one of the many orphans stranded as a result of the war. It’s funny, the war was intended to fix all the issues but instead, it created even more (as war is wont to do). Zack has had enough of what’s become of Gataela and wants to offer a helping hand to those in need. In order to make a difference, he journeys to the Lord’s castle for aid but his path there causes all sorts of hostility and old wounds to stir up among the people."

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