Rumored Visceral Games Developed SWAT Themed Battlefield Game is Real, Reveal at E3 2014 – Insider

OnlySP: Shinobi602 is at it again, this time providing information on the rumored police themed Battlefield game that’s supposed to arrive this Fall.

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Iltapalanyymi1613d ago

huh. so my hunch was right. hope it turns out to be good.

showtimefolks1613d ago

EA should really learn for how bad BF4 launch was(to gamers wise because money wise it made a lot of money)

EA needs to make sure this game is ready to launch and won't require countless patches just to make it playable

EZMickey1613d ago

Well, truth is that Battlefield 4 was the exception to the rule. That hasn't happened with the majority of EA's releases.

Gamers were rightfully pissed off about how unplayable BF4 was but it wasn't a case of EA rushing the game to release and not caring about a finished product. The reason BF4 was so broken was because while it was being developed, BF3 was being patched frequently and by the time BF4's development had finished none of those patches were applied to it's engine.

It sounds like a weird situation and it was. It was an oversight. Wasn't laziness, wasn't greediness, it was BF4 being built on a subopmtimal version of BF3 and never seeing any of those bug fixes or patches simply because the teams working on either developing the new engine or fixing the old one, were different.

As someone who loves game design, I love reading about these things in interviews and I'm pretty certain EA and DICE only needed to make that mistake once.

Zenith4k1613d ago

damn right apart from watch dogs don't think ill be buying any games day one until a few weeks after it comes out battlefield 4 pissed me right of with multiple glitches

showtimefolks1612d ago


gamers shouldn't be pissed at EA as much as these gaming critics who gave BF4 great review scores. None of them could stand up to EA's phat checks

XiSasukeUchiha1613d ago

You hunch will be sir, and how is my lunch?

badz1491612d ago

so...even Visceral is doing BF now ha? just like how AV CoD-ed every dev they can get. way to go EA!

WeAreLegion1613d ago

I like Visceral. I like SWAT. Don't screw it up, EA!

Raf1k11612d ago

I think I'd prefer a new single player SWAT game. The old ones from Activision were really good.

Lilrizky1613d ago

that's quick considering dead space 3 came out last year and they're also supposed to be working on a star wars game.

PockyKing1613d ago

I'd suspect its a collaborated project between Visceral and DICE LA since Sweden is working on Battlefront.

younglj011613d ago

I think this is the reason DICE started CTE on PC. Which is smart after the backlash and negative press after the release. If they f'd up twice at the beginning of this-gen after saying how last-gen was holding them back then I think EA could lose DICE as developers.

Hopefully future Battlefield titles live up or surpass Bad Company 2. Could Battlefield:S.W.A.T. be an secret revamp of Bad Company?

DeadlyFire1613d ago

Maybe, but also could just be a new spin-off flavor. As they have stated they could do another Bad Company game as well later even while this was in development. So idk. I do expect it to land big though. Possibly as big as Bad Company 2 or better.

Hopefully all the fast mash porting of Battlefield 4 that landed the game in conflicted development hell with so many problems at launch won't happen again.

elhebbo161613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

imo DICE should've had high tick rate on BF4 since the beginning no self respecting FPS will have a tick rate under 30. CSGO goes all the way up to 120, and coincidentally its probably the most competitive FPS out there too.

Rob Hornecker1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

This game sounds like there going for a rainbow six feel and vibe to it. As some of you have said on this story " Don't screw this up EA"

I think I would rather see them wait a year or 2 and give us some more maps and weapons for BF4.

Ninver1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

knowing EA they'll find a way to screw it up or drive potential buyers away with microtransactions etc.


WillGuitarGuy1613d ago

EA, no Premium Edition pls! D:

BadlyPackedKeebab1613d ago

hmmmmmm Rainbow Six ... if only.

R6V was my most played MP last gen. A true thinking mans shooter.

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