How Microsoft Can Win E3

Can Microsoft "win" E3 this year? They can if they follow this simple plan.

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christocolus1636d ago

“Microsoft needs to ignore mentioning Gears Of War at E3. 1) It’s a horrible series that doesn’t need to live on.”

I do not agree one bit with that part of the article. I enjoyed gears 1 to 3. Judgement was the blacksheep of the family but in new hands and with better direction i think the series can be even greater than it was in the past.

AngelicIceDiamond1636d ago

Oh yeah that's right MS is apparently showing off two new studios.

I hope they are 2 AAA core game studios.

E3 Team Xbox.

alexkoepp1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Lol, Halo means they have already won E3, case closed.

No franchise has better selling power, and a better fanbase than halo. Even if they showed 15 minutes of Halo, and nothing else, that is all anyone would talk about.

You can sweep all those other games under the rug - Uncharted, Mass Effect, GoW, God of War, Fallout, Last of Us, The Order, Deep Down - this June is about one game, and one game only.

christocolus1636d ago


i can't wait..totally forgot about that.

TrollingKoala1636d ago

@alexkoepp you really just make Xbox gamers like myself look bad, Halo by itself will not win E3 this year what Microsoft needs at E3 is a showing of strong games like halo 5 and show a few other exclusives (crackdown 3?,Sunset Overdrive,Fable Legends, Quantum Break and others) while also proving that they can not make any of the mistakes they made last year and that will make it a good if not great E3 and dude sweep Fallout and Mass Effect under the rug? you are crazy.

gameon19851636d ago

Microsoft wins E# if they deliver on the hype they are building for it.

Godmars2901636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

When has anyone delivered on the hype they've built to towards a given event or title? even GTA5 failed on some points.

Nvermind that Sony and even Nintendo aren't just going to be sitting on their hands.

asmith23061636d ago

But what hype are they building exactly? I fully expect a new Halo, Gears, or Forza, etc; basically what they do every E3 with one of their franchises, nothing new. The rest of the hype is all the reversals they have been doing and tech talk about cloud power, DX, etc. They need to actually show something (dare I say it) real, that will work on your X1 the day they announce it.

They also need a mega third party exclusive. MS studios just aren't up to making AAA games that will have our jaws dropping. With PS4s lead I can't see any publisher wanting to sign up to that though unless it is for a savage amount of money, or a timed exclusive; but again that would be nothing new for MS. The "Why We Shafted Kinect" segment should be fun too :)

I expect E3 to go how it usually goes. MS with a lot of hype, PR bull, and Sony with a simple yet effective conference without all the crap.

HexxedAvenger1636d ago

Just give me the games lol

kratoz12091636d ago

They won't win,
Sony e3 will be the Victor

nigelp5201636d ago

-Make Xbox One backwards Compatible with Xbox 360 games
-Show Halo 5, Fable Legends, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive
-Unveil Perfect Dark 2, Crimson Skies, Mechassualt 3, Forza Horizon 2, Mass Effect 4
-Show off exclusives from Japanese Publishers such as Platinum Games and Mistwalker
-Show new Ips from 1st party studios
-Bring back 1 vs 100
-Bring back Orginal Xbox games for Free such as Whacked and Kung Fu Chaos for free

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