Hyrule Warriors Character Descriptions and Comparison Screenshots

StreetsAhead on NeoGAF has released translations of the character descriptions from the newly launched Hyrule Warriors website. Another NeoGAF user Wishmaster92 has also provided some comparison screenshots from the original reveal trailer with the newest official screenshots.

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Summons751607d ago

Can't wait for E3 to get a full blown trailer for this. Also they haven't even revealed Zelda and her part in this. This game is going to be great, hope it's cannon because the story is already shaping up to be very big.

vega2751607d ago

I dont own a Wii u but this games is making want to get one just to play this game. Im just waiting til they have enough interesting games for it. I just dont want it to sit and collect dust like my wii did last gen

Spooney3231607d ago

This game has got me checking the n4g web site constantly just for new updates. Can't wait to get my hands on this. I hope they had had enough time and influence to truly hold me over until TLOZ Wii U releases next year.

Geekman1606d ago

Hyrule Warriors listed as Wii U,3DS in the hottest games section. Fix it.