Ukrainian studio overcomes violent political turmoil while remaking its postapocalyptic Metro games

GamesBeat: Smuggling dev kits, violent protests, and a precarious political situation was the backdrop for 4A Games’s work on Metro Redux.

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Spikes14711663d ago

Hopefully a Civil War in Ukraine won't start. Because it will fk up its economy. And mostly likely guns and bombs will dropped with many business GONE. It will be a real Metro.

lashes2ashes1663d ago

I'm thinking civil war is almost the best case thought. More like they get invaded by Russia then the whole world gets nuts real fast.

DoctorJones1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

It basically has turned into a civil war already.

EDIT:Not totally unrelated, but I always though Putin was quite a tall fella from the pictures I've seen of him, but here he is with China's president and he's a bit of a short arse really.

From other pictures I've seen of him I thought he was over 6 foot, but he's barely over 5 and a half feet.

Maybe he's one of those guys with a Napoleon complex, that would explain a lot of things.

King_of_Nothing1663d ago

Poor Napoleon, always getting pegged with little man syndrome. Napoleon was rather average height for his time period =P

Intersting point on Putin, I totally took him for 6'+ as well!

SolidGear31663d ago

Just crazy what's going on over there. Is it the 1960's again?