Was Mr Sakurai Showcasing The NFC Figurines During The Super Smash Bros Direct?

Mike from Mii-gamer writes:

I have been dwelling on this thought for a while. Now that NFC has been officially confirmed to be implemented in Super Smash Bros For Wii U. I went back to check my hypothesis, to confirm or disprove my hypothesis. Guess what? I am on to something.

During the fantastic Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct - I do believe Mr Sakurai was showcasing the NFC Figurines in the video.

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for we are many3182d ago

Plausible, you might be on to something here.

DryBoneKoopa853182d ago

Judging by the Mario figurine that was shown at the Nintendo financial briefing. I think they will all come on some type of base. I do think he was hinting to figures all along though. So I do think your right about that.

I can't wait to find out about these figures. I want to see the packaging and what type of variety their is going to be. I guess we know now why the Wii U version of Smash is coming out during the winter. Iwata stated the NFC figures would not be out till fall 2014. Seems like a good connection.

randomass1713182d ago

I don't disagree, but I think that might have just been a prototype. I don't think we'll know what the figures will truly look like until E3.

XiSasukeUchiha3182d ago

NFC tech is pretty cool, now Nintendo is actually putting in work with this, the innovative king!

browngamer413182d ago

I hope Nintendo doesn't go the Skylanders route with Smash, I want all my characters to be on disc day one..

coltlokk3182d ago

Yeah same...

I think it will be more like it can "save" the custom movesets or any character customization onto the figure, which would be pretty cool but not necessary.

randomass1713182d ago

If they add DLC characters, I would like for players to have the option to get the figures for them as oppose to just buying the character online. As long as its optional I don't think it will be too bad.

browngamer413182d ago

As long as it's optional then I'm cool with it too-but if I have to buy one of these figurines just to advance or get a mainline character I will not be a happy camper..

randomass1713182d ago

Yeah, I can imagine why that would be upsetting, but out of curiosity what if the figurines are the same price as the DLC? Not that I would expect it, but on the off chance the figurines are affordable, how do you think you would respond to that?

browngamer413182d ago

Not sure, I guess I'll wait for Ninty to explain it in detail before casting judgement...

BullyMangler3182d ago

get your SSB NFC figurines in Cereal Boxes and McDonalds Happy meals.

seraphym883182d ago

I would HONESTLY go to mcdonalds more. lol.

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