He's Using Da Trees - AusGamers Goes Hands-On with New Evolve Hunters

AusGamers went hands-on with Evolve's four newly-announced hunters and writes:

"We played several rounds throughout our time with the game, and on top of looking better than ever (monster animations now are incredible), it’s a far smoother experience. Traversing through the world feels more natural and you won’t find yourself hung up on the environment as often. Moreover, the systems balancing and overall pacing feel like they’ve been tweaked to build more productive and enjoyable 4V1 matches -- this could also just be the process of having had my hands on the game a few times now, but based on feedback from 2K and Turtle Rock, it seems like it was a priority component to level out. In short, it’s currently one of the most engaging and rewarding gameplay experiences I’ve had, even in failed rounds."

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