These 16 Exclusive Mario Kart 8 Videos Will Blow Your Effing Mind

From Invisible Gamer: You know what sucks? Buzzworthy. You know what doesn’t suck? Mario Kart 8. We’ve been playing the game for a couple weeks, and we’re absolutely bonkers for it.

Check out these sweet previews of the game’s 16 brand new tracks, uploaded straight from our Wii U’s to Mario Kart TV.

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Deathdeliverer1702d ago

I can't wait. And Club Nintendo sent me a email saying that if I register Mario Kart 8 before June 27th (I think) the I get a voucher for a free download of Super Mario Bros U (Have), Pikmin 3, Wii U party, or Wind Waker HD. So my fellow Nintendo gamers, take advantage of this deal and I will see you on the track.

MNGamer-N1702d ago

Looks great. The final week or waiting is going to be torture! Thankfully the holiday on Monday will speed up the work week a bit. I might be sick *cough* on Friday :)

weekev151702d ago

There does seem to be a bug going about. "Sorry boss I have Mariokartitis, doc says I should take the weekend offf"

Ninte1702d ago

This is the first game I pre ordered and I'm sure my nephews and nieces are getting tired of playing the three games I owned right now that's already been released on the other consoles. For them to play together at once would make a good change.

GamingSinceThe80s1702d ago

And when you register it on Club Nintendo for your choose of LOZWW,Wii party U,NSMBU,OR Pikmin3 for free, you will own 5 games.Best deal ever!

Venox20081701d ago

of you are from Europe, you can choose from 8 (I think) games..

Army_of_Darkness1702d ago

Yeah I don't see what's so gorgeous and mind blowing about this game even after seeing it run in 1080p @60fps on gamersyde.. Guess anything in HD is an improvement on a Nintendo platform lol

darkstar181702d ago

i feel so bad for you lol

Sincere01211702d ago

Clearly you are not a gamer thats why you don't see it. If your were a gamer then you would know that its not only the graphics that make this game amazing but its also about the gameplay and the online competition.

You should stick to playing board games, you can get snakes and ladders for cheap, that game seems more on your level.

Army_of_Darkness1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

@darkstar lol! Oh Nintendo fans are so serious! :-P

[email protected] Yes genius, you figured it all out! I'm actually a board-gamer trolling you video gamers! Wohahaha! Snakes n ladders for life biotch ;-)

Btw, I personally don't think the graphics are that great but it is much better than the previous versions obviously and here's the thing, I didn't say I disliked the game in general either cause the game play is really fun... Even for a board gamer:-D

Neonridr1701d ago

@Army - just because it doesn't look like Drive Club doesn't mean that it's not a good game. Reviews across the board back up that claim.

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Grilla1702d ago

You know what sucks? All these a-holes have been playing it for weeks and we still gotta wait one more week:(

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