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CraveOnline: "It feels strange to say the name Tropico 5. Only 13 years ago the first Tropico debuted. During that short length of time the series would accumulate five total releases. SimCity? That had three—remember SimCity Societies? Even Anno was only able to rack up a total of four installments during that time. So yes, Tropico knows how to pack in the releases.

As a result of the short spacing, some fans were disappointed by Tropico 4. Don't take that the wrong way, it was a good game, but its minor additions to the previous iteration weren't substantial enough for a lot city building experts. Haemimont Games took note, and thought of some clever ways to make 2014's release, Tropico 5, a proper evolution of its premier construction and management game."

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Blackleg-sanji1612d ago

isnt this coming to ps4? might give it a try then

Modi19841612d ago

i miss games like this on consoles T_T