Are You Seriously Not Buying a Game Due to its Resolution?

OnlySP: Watch Dogs. Infamous: Second Son. Ryse. Killzone. All of them share a similar story. Resolution.

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Septic1610d ago

I won't buy a game on a certain platform if it performs inferior to another one because I have both consoles.

Obviously the fanboy war fuels a lot of the flames that keep the resolution debates burning but it is a legit concern for a lot of people.

I don't ever think "oh this game is not 1080p" and then deprive myself of that. That's just idiotic in my opinion. So far, the console exclusive I have enjoyed the most is probably Resogun on PS4 and that is a side scrolling arcade shooter.

Gameplay is king. End of.

PockyKing1610d ago

Well yea, if you have both or all three platforms it makes perfect sense to buy the higher quality game if you have that option. But, I'm talking even more so the players with one platform who all of a sudden drop out of buying a game because it's not 1080p.

Septic1610d ago

I'm not sure if people like that actually exist. Not buying a game because it isn't a certain resolution? Do people really do that?

PockyKing1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

That's the reason I wrote this lol. The day the resolutions were announced, an entire NeoGAF thread was like, F that I'm not buying it now. Same with Twitter comments as well, that's literally what pushed me to write this. Obviously it's a vocal minority choosing to do so, but mixed together with the amount of articles on this topic, the news stories detailing every single game's resolution and framerate now, it's become such a huge talking point this gen.

Yup that thread.

Kayant1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )


My thoughts because that would be silly but I do remember reading some people switching to the PC version after PS4 was revealed to be 900fps which is fine.

I cannot honestly believe there would be a large majority that would do that.

Edit -
This thread right -->

Yh the dev call out is uncalled, counted about four people in first 4 pages who seemed serious about it a lot just switched to the PC version. I think the 1080p60fps really hit home for some people looool. Craziness.

AHall881610d ago

It's going to suck for those people in a few years when all new games are less than 1080p.(On consoles)
I guess they'll just give up gaming then.

Dirtnapstor1610d ago

I think the issue now is that the potential a developer has with the new hardware vs them not maximizing per game. I know it'll only get better from here, but there should be a big difference between generations (for instance). Hopefully developers won't be dumbing down last-gen just to provide the illusion of visual superiority.

theshonen88991610d ago

I buy the best version for the platforms I have. I'm getting Project Cars for PC because of graphics, Watch Dogs on PS4 because of exclusive content, and Child of Light on Vita because I like RPGs are better on portables.

It's common sense, get the version that you'd enjoy the most.

denawayne1610d ago

I would hope everyone realizes that every game coming out right now was in development before the release of the consoles. This E3 we will start to see the games that will show what these consoles can do.

Baccra171610d ago

Industry made this an issue, let the industry deal with the problem it has caused.

And to be quite frank the only reason this is even an issue now, beside the industry making this an issue, is due to cost. Games are $60 dollars plus tax in a sh!t poor economy, and you're lucky these days to get a game that's 80% complete due to pieces being broken off by publishers to sell back to gamers. So yeah, paying full price for a game that's not complete, bug riddled, and has bad resolution doesn't look that enticing to people that are cash strapped and living through these times.

So lets get off that high horse and point the finger at someone else other than gamers cause that the "cool thing to do" in the game media now.

redwin1610d ago

I agree, that's why I'm getting it for the box. It's just so easy to switch games. From Ghost to killer instinct to Forza to madden and Spider-Man . I can play Spider-man while waiting for Titanfall's session to start, or now skipe while playing. Yep, buying it for the box would allow me to multitask. I'll buy ps4 exclusives that's it..... I must be crazy , speaking my mind here will get me crucified.

styferion1609d ago

They're not exist, it's just something that exist in forums and comments around internet for the sake of arguments, seriously, if a game is good you can be sure they all gonna buy it.

mikeslemonade1609d ago

People are mistaking bragging rights and system power gap debates for not liking the said game.

People who don't understand that are actually the dumb ones here.

For the last time.. The resolution and frames gap shows that the PS4 is the more capable machine at a cheaper price than compared to the X1. No one really cares that much about resolutions and frames only. They care about how capable the PS4 is including frames, textures, resolutions, shadow, lighting, physics etc.

ShinMaster1609d ago

Maybe those people are PC elites or something.

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LOGICWINS1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )


Totally agree. If you have BOTH a PS4 and XB1, then its understandable that you want the version of the game with the better resolution.

What I struggle to understand is why single console owners(ONLY have a PS4 or ONLY have a XB1) care about the resolutions on the opposing console when it doesn't affect them.

Out of sight, out of mind. Its like the Vita vs. the Vita Slim. The only way you would feel "bad" about the LCD screen is if you're playing the SAME game on the original Vita and the Slim Vita simultaneously.

I didnt even know Shadowfalls multiplayer wasn't 1080p until the Internet told me. 99.9% of humans CANNOT tell the difference without a side by side comparison on both screens with 1080p vs. 720p(or 900p) respectively. Who in the right mind spends most of their gaming time comparing resolutions on two screens? I'll tell you one.

morganfell1610d ago

But it does affect them. Why do people keep denying this in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Is there some need for people to pretend they are above what they consider to be the petty fanboy wars of plebians as if such a position is somehow superior? It is not and it is an illusion.

There is nothing lowbrow or immature about desiring the best gaming possible without having to own every platform. There is nothing wrong about hoping for and promoting the demise of a company you view as harmful to gaming and detrimental to the rights of gamers.

The people that really need their motives questioned are those that continue to promote a company that attempted to stab them and every other gamer in the back.

The oppositions performance or lack there of does affect you.

There is a likely chance that a console that performs poorly will have a lower adoption rate. When the opposition adoption rate and performance is lower than your console of choice, publishers and devs normally focus more on your platform. The result is better titles, sometimes exclusives titles, or at least exclusive with your company having to spend less money - hence more money elsewhere FOR YOUR PLATFORM. And as we have already seen often exclusive material for your platform, again either free or at a reduced cost for the hardware manufacturer.

Look at the beginning of this generation. Major moves were made by individuals (Kojima) and companies (EA) as they thought the adoption and performance would be better on the X1. As this proves to be far from the truth, more companies are gravitating toward the PS4 and MS is having to expend an ever growing amount of money in an attempt to stem the flow of blood.

Simply put, the more your opponent bleeds the better it is for your platform. I like have a single ecosystem. I do not enjoy having to mix streams. I did that last generation and I prefer not to do it again.

The article should be asking, are people seriously purchasing a console and titles from a company that abandoned the core gamer once already this generation? Casuals should ask the same question because they have also been abandoned and by the same company.

Baccra171610d ago


I wish I could give you a standing ovation, but I'll settle for giving you a bubble. Bravo.

FlunkinMonkey1609d ago

Well said morgan.. The disagrees will come, or comments full of weak sauce, but nothing substantial.. As usual.

DLConspiracy1610d ago

Personally I think that the only argument someone could have is the Frame rate. As it determines the reaction or latency from the controller to the game. It's not going to change the game play otherwise.

thricetold1609d ago

What! How dare you suggest that gameplay should even be thought of or even mentioned when talking about the 8th gen! It ain't next gen if ain't bout them pixels.

Who gives a damn if the games play the same as 7th gen, you can count the blades of grass now! Exciting times to be a gamer!

dougr1610d ago

I have a PS4 and a gaming PC. I'm absolutely dieing for a game to play on PS4, but because Watchdogs is also on PC it would be stupid for me to buy it for PS4. I can get it cheaper for PC through online sales and I will be able to use mods (potentially) in the future. I reallly realllllly want a game for my PS4 though, but I can't see one good reason to go with the ps4 version over the pc version.

LoveSpuds1609d ago

You really should try Transistor chief, although available on PC too, it is just as nice on PS4 and on a big ass TV with good sound system it is such an amazing experience........erm, I am off to play some more Transistor :)

DoubleM701610d ago

Well last Gen I bought Batman on my Ps3. It looked better on the 360, but I wanted for my PS3. It didn't have nothing to do with power of the console or resolution. I simply need to show my PS3 some love over my 360.

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snookiegamer1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

It's a perception issue.

Many people perceive the Xbox One versions as inferior, therefore choose PS4 or PC versions.

Isn't it a similar situation as last gen with PS3/360 multi platform releases?

Absolutely it is.

Although that doesn't mean the Xbox One versions are 'bad', not at all. It's just that the other versions are perceived to be 'better'.

It's also easy to blame the fan boys, but I believe the games media as a whole are more to blame.

Gamer7771610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

The media has caused an obsession with 1080p, by having an emphasis of 1080p over gameplay on so many "articles". Some articles describe a game as being stunning 1080p when it is in fact a very average looking game, like the PS4 version of Yakuza.
Gameplay>>>Graphics > Framerate> Resolution. Media should focus on articles about gameplay and actually write more than a few paragraphs.

PockyKing1610d ago

Yup, apparently all a game needs to be stunning nowadays is to have 1080p resolution. According to a site that posts here quite a lot if you catch my drift ;)

snookiegamer1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )



Games should be about incredible experiences and being taken to fantastic places. Not pixel density and poly counts.

That's what's wrong with this industry!

PS4OUR1610d ago

Funny how the media made a song and dance about the 10% difference in pixel pushing power the 360 had over the PS3 in many multiplatform titles last generation with Digital Foundry keen to point out the differences, now the vast majority of the media is complaining people care to much for pixels and should worry about gameplay.
Fancy that.

TheDevKit1609d ago

But I'd have more fun with a game running at 60 FPS and 1080p as opposed to 24 FPS and 240p.

Salooh1609d ago

You deserve a bubble ^^ . I always said that i prefer wow factor over the Frame and resolution. Before or in the beginning of last gen no one cared about these things so developers focused on bringing their vision then saw how the console handle the game. And no one complained about the results as much as we do now. Now developers focus on these 2 things instead of bringing the best vision they could..

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kakashi811610d ago

I love MS consoles, but I'm really waiting for the dx12 update.

TheSsus1610d ago

You're part of the problem...

MRMagoo1231609d ago

its not going to do anything anyway, so either dont bother getting one at all or get one now , there is no point in waiting.

Bladesfist1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Even just making life easier for the developers does something. I'm pretty sure last gen was a good example of that.

NovusTerminus1610d ago

This game could be 1080p 30fps easy on next gen, but with resources scattered across 6 platforms resources were scattered more and optimization was thinner.

People think it's easier but writing code for this is hard, each system is running a different LoD system, prolly tweaked lighting per system, having to scale all the textures. It's taxing, even more so when you have to get is stable on 5 systems at launch and a 6th one shortly after.

tl:dr cross gen messed up the optimization.

JMyers1610d ago

If I have a choice of the same game, same price and choice of system... Then I'll buy the game that performs better. Common sense.