NASCAR 14 Released In Europe But Not On Xbox

Releasing a game to it’s intended audience must be a simple thing …. Right?

Well Xbox Players suppose this is a debatable one as this depends sometimes on the sport involved and weather the sport may have a worldwide appeal.

Deep Silver have announced that NASCAR will be released on PS3 and Steam in the Europe, but there is currently no news as to when or if there will be a release for Xbox 360

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Immorals1614d ago

What a shame. I really needed a game where you can have all the thrills of driving in a big circle..

memots1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

lol. I hear ya.

just play a couple lap in gt6.

I did pick up Nascar 13 on Pc for 5$ (Steam sale),
Its not that bad, I wouldnt want to pay $40 for it but at 5$ it gave me quite a bit of fun