Which External Hard Drive Should You Purchase For Your Xbox One?

Hardcore Gamer: The update is coming soon, so use this time wisely to make the right choice for your external drive.

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incendy351610d ago

We need more information before that can really be answered. Do the USB3 ports on X1 have UASP support? If so, a RAID or SSD Drive solution would definitely be best. If they do not, then I will be angry! :D

4Sh0w1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Unless I missed something any USB 3.0 with at least 256GB is compatible. What brand/type works best? I have no idea but for me as long as it works as intended so I can store and play all my games then I'm good. He mentioned Major said they tested a Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STBV4000100) and it worked perfectly.

So this one should work great and the price is cheap:

Bigpappy1610d ago

good. Seagate drives have been reliable for me.

Mikey322301610d ago

Probably some sort of SSD.. I love these things, i cant wait until they become further adopted, less expensive per GB of storage

DLConspiracy1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

The external support is by far one of the best things. They didn't do some sort of proprietary hardware route like last gen. Those were overpriced and not worth the cost. Now this choice is more in line with PC. A great step for Xbox.

Putting all your content on one drive and bringing it over to your friends house to log on and play your collection is amazing.

optimus1610d ago

the only downside to "playing your collection" is you would need to bring those disks as well in order to authenticate ownership so that would mean lugging around 3,5,10,or 20 games. you get the picture... unless they are all digital games.

DLConspiracy1610d ago

That's the appeal of going digital. Isn't it? I am talking about digital. Too bad that the original plan was curbed (for xbox) as we could have had an open market to sell/trade our digital games.

Software_Lover1610d ago

Why would you bring disks for downloaded games?

optimus1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

well, you DID say "putting all your content on one drive..." you did not specify the type of content...not everyone buys digital games hence the backlash when the x1 was revealed...i did say "unless they are digital games" and people disagree with the facts...go figure.

kreate1609d ago

i definately agree.
but MS still needs to implement a way for me to watch video files from my ex hdd.

MS will grab my heart if they do so, and if Sony fails to do so.

ValKilmer1610d ago

Can PS4 support externals?

Robochobo1610d ago

From what I remember it was PS4 was internal and XBO was external. There IS external use for the PS4 however you're not able to play games from it. It might have changed, but I haven't heard differently.

dazzrazz1610d ago

Don't need them we can replace the hard drive which is not allowed for some retarded reason on X1

mark3214uk1610d ago

would be nice to have the option to add a external tho,as replacing the internal of course leaves you having to re download your shit

No_Limit1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

LOL, you are a comic genius, I'll give you that! My 3gb external hard drive is ready, no screw driver needed.

Lawboy21610d ago

U can replace the hard drive on the xbox one...u may just void the warranty if u break the console..

Gamer7771610d ago

Replacing the harddrive on Xbox One voids the warranty. MS probably planned for external support so fewer people voided their warranties by opening the console.

killzone6191610d ago

replace the HD? lol thats effort. might aswell build a PC whilst you're at it


Yeah dude because Taking apart your PS4 and replacing the HDD is sooooo much easier then plugging in a cheaper external HDD and one that is on the go... Options are nice, plus you have to export all files from PS4's to your new one as well, and you need a PC for that I would think?
Troll Harder

mhunterjr1610d ago

I still don't see how replacing the HDD is more desirable. Now you've got a 500GB sitting around waiting for use, and now you have to swap all your content over somehow or download everything all over again. That's way more tedious than simply adding to your existing storage.

KwietStorm1610d ago

So what do you do when you run out of space? Buy another disk? And what of that one? They don't even make very large laptop drives. An external *option* is a great thing, especially for anyone who can think further than 5 minutes in their future.

ALLWRONG1609d ago


I bet you wish you could edit that.

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Mikelarry1610d ago

not yet, its coming but we dont know when

DLConspiracy1610d ago

No but I am sure they will. Xbox just planned this further ahead. They learned from last gen.

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Gamer6661610d ago

I am just going to buy Pocket USB3 drives powered by the USB port. Picked up a WD 2TB today at Costco.

As soon as the update is out I will be moving everything to it. Should be enough for the next year and then I am hoping 4TB USB powered drives drop to $130-150 range and I will get one of them...

I added up the total storage for all games to date... It is about 575 GB. I expect the games for the next year to be around 1-1.5 TB.

n4rc1610d ago

I'm only planning to grab a 2tb..

Worked it out to be about 100 games (using my current games/dlc as reference)

Gamer6661610d ago

The 2 TB (Ultra Performance) Western Digital Pocket Drives are $125 in Canada at Costco.

Jag-T10001610d ago

I will probably get a 4TB since those are nearing the $150 mark. Although I will wait a little since my hdd is only 30% full right now.

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