The Order: 1886 Impressions "Absolutely Incredible;" News Coming on the 27th - Insider

It's been a little while since we had news about Ready at Dawn's The Order: 1886, but it's almost time foe a new serving of news next week.

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Abash1608d ago

Sony needs to release The Order this holiday. It definitely has potential to be Sony's next hit series and one of the new series that define this gen.

Eonjay1608d ago

Would be great for a Halloween release. :)

mikeslemonade1608d ago

It would behoove these companies to leak more information and tease because if you wait to E3 it would be jumbled with the other hundreds of announcements.

zeee1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Frankly speaking, I am getting SICK AND TIRED of these "insiders". Seriously, what the hell? I think I should start a gaming website and become an insider myself and "Reveal" obvious things every other day.

I am not saying that all insiders are wrong all the time but these insider tips are going to ruin the industry and credibility of a lot of websites/reporters.

These "insider" articles should be strictly banned.

GribbleGrunger1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Watch this later folks. I live stream of the Order in approximately 5 hours 30 minutes mins:


MaxKruger1607d ago

@zeee, I agree 100%. The state of this site is in shambles, half the articles come from dualshockers who'll try to make a headline out of anything, and half of them are submitted from one guy (surprise, surprise, this article fits both criteria).

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0P-Tigrex1608d ago ShowReplies(8)
starchild1608d ago

I agree. I think it can be a major hit. I know it was one of the reasons I bought my PS4.

greenlantern28141608d ago

Hope it hits this year, I have wanted this game since I got my ps4 day1. So needless to say when ever it comes out I will be ready, probably even take some time off work.

StrawberryDiesel4201608d ago

I'm with you, however, I smell a delay. I hope I'm wrong though...

solar1608d ago

i hate sensational headlines. doesnt matter what it is, consoles, movies, PC, hell any form of entertainment.

mediate-this1607d ago

Im sorry but in my op, a sp game is not gen defining especially while mp is do popular. Order will be pushed back, like every other game this gen. Anyways, its a cover shooter with no coop or multiplayer.

Which means very little replay value, how are single player games worth the asking price?

Old McGroin1607d ago

Kind of agree, for example Nintendo have been laughed at every time one of their top games excludes online play, even if local multiplayer is included. The Order has neither and some people are actually trying to spin this in to a good thing. Personally I love co-op, most of all in cover shooters, so it's a massive downer for me that it's nowhere to be seen in The Order.

OT, I hope the game is good but as far as what this shinobi fella is saying I'm not surprised, he's hardly going to say the game has been getting a bad reaction is he?

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PositiveEmotions1608d ago

I really hope it doesn't get delayed I'm looking forward to this game.

jmac531608d ago

If it does get delayed, what will Sony have for this holiday?

PositiveEmotions1608d ago

Beats me but it better be deep down or something better.

Angels37851608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )


Planetside 2
Deep down
War Thunder
Last of Us pS4

and the numerous other multiplatforms

bleedsoe9mm1608d ago

@Angels3785 exactly why sony needs the order to be released for christamas , 3 F2P games a free ps+ giveaway and a port . hope they don't rush the order because they need something to sell at walmart

joydestroy1608d ago

i REALLY hope Deep Down comes out this year.

moomoo3191608d ago

Thats not exactly a blockbuster list for the holiday season. One racing game, 3 F2P games, and a remaster of a game I, and many others, have already played...

UltraNova1608d ago

Maybe they've been keeping a major exclusive under wraps just to announce its 2014 holiday release date and surprise everyone showing actual gameplay?

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0P-Tigrex1608d ago

Driveclub isn't strictly a Ps+ giveaway. There is a retail version of the game that people will buy. Don't be ignorant. Deep down is also looking like a good dungeon crawler I'm excited.

-Foxtrot1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Best to get details out now about games already announced before E3, like this and Driveclub rather then wasting time at the conference when they could be showing off other titles.

Kayant1608d ago

It's unlikely they would be shown again IMO even if it's a new trailer. We would probably get a stage demo for one of them if not both.

GarrusVakarian1608d ago

This game will be shown off at E3, no doubt about that, i expect a full stage-demo.

StrawberryDiesel4201608d ago

I really want to see some gameplay with those epic weapons killing some of the monsters in this game. I really wonder why they haven't shown the monsters yet....

AngelicIceDiamond1608d ago


It wouldn't make since to show The Order now than skip the biggest stage show where fans, journalist, press EVERYONE is watching.

Sony will have Live gameplay of this game finally at the show and E3 is absolutely perfect for it.

-Foxtrot1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

I never said show it all now...I meant get the details on the game out now.

"Best to get details out now"

So when they do show it at E3 they aren't talking for longer, they can get right into showing the game off.

Less talkie more fetchy.

iiTehDroiD1608d ago

The Order has been already announced but we haven't seen a lot of footage except the trailer and the tiny gameplay clip. I hope they do a full stage demo but i don't want to see driveclub like you said. We have seen plenty of gameplay and it would be a waste of time imo.

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aceitman1608d ago

im am concerned , because twitter feeds have been fuf rumors of a delay and the announcement is on the 27th. but , I will keep my fingers crossed its not.

Mikelarry1608d ago

after seeing that gameplay trailer I have been excited for this. i am glad that there are still studios that still support the single player experience

Shane Kim1608d ago

Thank you mikelarry, tried of all these multiplayer, always online games.

guyman1608d ago

Spot on. I'm hating the idea that games can only be considered next gen if they are more 'social' and always connected "blending multiplayer and singleplayer" - just because the internet exists. The best experiences i've ever had is single player offline

Skankinruby1608d ago

Couldn't agree more. Multiplayer as a selling point is a huge cop out and when developers put significant focus on it that dramatically increases the odds that the game itself will be complete trash.

KinjoTakemura1608d ago

When devs put multiplayer in games unnecessarily, devs usually have to take something out of the main story or downgrade the graphics and frame rates. TombRaider is the perfect example. TR could have been exceptional if Square Enix would have just stayed with the original TR premise, leave out the utterly useless multiplayer, and add more content to the main story. I really enjoyed TombRaider and there is no doubt that the silly multiplayer shortened the length of the game.

Sevir1608d ago

But Tomb Raider was a Long Game, and exceptional. I didn't touch the multiplayer but the Story portion and the exploration was top notch... 15-17 hours long. Great game. Even it's Crap multiplayer couldn't stop it from being so we'll done overall.

moomoo3191608d ago

@Kinjo Takemura
I think tomb raider was exceptional even with the shitty multiplayer, but i do agree overall it'd be best without it.

PockyKing1608d ago

Still surprises me to this day that when I searched for a site that covered single player games I didn't find a single one. Got OnlySP going a week after haha. Shameless plug :)

Volkama1607d ago

I love cinematic single player games. Even the short, linear shallow ones. Blockbuster set pieces, top presentation, story, cutscenes, great graphics and audio.

I like bigger more open games too of course. Complexity, exploration, immersion, multiplayer, or just pure visceral gameplay. But sometimes I just want to sit back and enjoy playing through a well-crafted ride.

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