The RetroN 5 Will Finally Be Release June 6

Hyperkin today announced the release date for the RetroN 5 for this year, June 6. Originally slated for a December 2013 release it was delayed at first to a Q1 2014 release then delayed further after faulty pins were found on the console’s connectors.

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prodg521635d ago

Amazon has this listed at $299. That's a little high for me. I still have a lot of NES and SNES games. My bro gave away all my SEGA stuff. I would be interested if it was a little cheaper.

rivencleft1635d ago

Amazon sometimes has some decent prices, other times they're selling something way higher than anyone else, these RetroN 5's i think go for about $180, so even though the company is sold out of preorder they recommend checking your local game store (NOT GameStop), but if you have a retro game store around your area you should definitely check there for one and like i said it should be around $180.

Skate-AK1635d ago

Amazon must have something wrong. It's $140 on their website

Jonny5isalive1635d ago

thats not amazon. anyone or any business can sell on amazon. That is a 3rd party seller selling it for more. If amazon sells one it will be at MSRP or less.

starscream4201635d ago

If it's priced reasonably I will get it

xJumpManx1635d ago

These things are junk. If they played every thing perfectly like the real console it would be awesome but they do not.

Dasteru1635d ago

Oh great, another troll stating opinion as fact. They do play everything perfectly. The Retron 5 took so long to release partly because Hyperkin was trying to get 100% compatability. They sent out beta units to hundreds of gamers who combined had every game for all the systems and they were all tested and fixed where needed. The system also has updatable firmware via an SD card slot. So on the off chance that some obscure game has a minor issue still, it can be easily patched.

If you aren't into retro emulation consoles like this, simply say so. Don't pretend issues exist where they do not though.

xJumpManx1634d ago

Dasteru, I have owned their products. I also have an extensive back catalog of snes, nes, genesis and N64 games. Retron consoles do not work 100% and never have. I wish they did it would be mad convienent to hook up on console for those systems and have a wireless controller that some of their consoles are included with. You obviously have not tried their other console releases or you would know what I am saying is the truth do some research its not hard to google it and find that others say the same exact thing about their products.

If you are not up to date with the facts maybe you should find them out before posting nonsense like you did.

Dasteru1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

So you assume that compatability is identical to the older systems? Despite the fact that Hyperkin themselfs recently admited that their older systems were of shat quality and made it clear they were going all out to make sure the Retron 5 was top notch. They put alot of extra effort into compatability with the 5 and did extensive 3rd party testing with every game for every system to make sure everything worked. Even Castlevania III which is notorious for not working on any other Retro console, including Hyperkins own, has been shown to work flawlessly on the 5.

The only one posting nonsence is you. Take your own advice, do some research on the console that is actually in question and stop assuming that a completely new system would have the same issues of the old ones. All their old Retron systems were also hardware emulation based. The Retron 5 is software based, just like PC emu's.

Dasteru1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Just to add to my last post. I find it highly ironic that you accuse me of not being up to date with facts while at the same time basing your entire argument off information that is 5 years old and for a different system. Do you also believe the PS4 has a ylod issue and disk read errors just because the PS3 did?

ABizzel11635d ago

This thing could be awesome but it all comes down to price, and IMO $99 is the most they should be charging for it since you can play most of these games and platforms through emulators on PCs or even phones / tablets, and possibly the Ouya for that matter.