CD Projekt Red Knows the Importance of Equality

CCC Says: "Game disparity breaks hearts. You know what I'm talking about. You're ridiculously excited about some game that you know is coming to a console you've spent upwards of $200 to acquire. You're devouring any kind of announcements and media related to it. Suddenly, you come across something that turns your stomach. Perhaps it's news that one console, say the Xbox One, will get that game three months before anyone else. Or maybe it's a trailer for an extra 2-3 hour storyline that only PS3 owners can appreciate. Money talked, and you're suffering because of it."

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BG115791702d ago

I also hope they won't go for parity between the consoles.
it would be a pity.

LAWSON721702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

You realize other than resolution and maybe fps the PS4 is no more capable then the Xbone. If you think the difference between a HD 7850 and 7790 is going to hold back what is possible on next gen you are crazy.

The power difference may sound like a lot but when it comes to current PC hardware the difference is far from huge and the difference will be even more miniscule as as hardware gets better.

This idea that parity will prevent what is possible is just stupid and so overexaggerated.

Feel free to call me out on my claims, I would love to hear from a PC enthusiasts how much more a HD 7850 can do than a HD 7790. I just doubt the difference is some sort of handicap

BG115791702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Probably because with PC there are more variables than just the graphic card. And consoles unlike PC are fixed hardware, equal to all owners.
You know motherboard, ram, hard-drive, sound-cards... Even when people have the same hardware, there are still differences between OS and Drivers used.
When people compare PC they use benchmarking.

WFMS1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

It's actually closer to a HD7870 than a HD7850.
And you can see the benchmarks on PC's here.

It's about 30% in the majority of those games.
So the trend we've seen of the resolutions going from 1080p/900p to 720p seem in line with that.

And I'm sorry to say but even with amazing optimization you just can't make up the difference for a 30%+ gap in performance.
Especially since both systems will be getting optimized, not just Xbox One.

So the difference CAN be a handicap, not just for fps/resolution, but for certain graphical effects and features that could make an impactful difference to the game, but which would be a problem to implement because it's playable on one system but becomes a burden on the other. It creates not only extra development costs to create different graphical effects for both systems but can also become a marketing nightmare because certain fans on a system start getting mad it looks worse on their platform. (Need only look at the 1080p/900p vs 720p articles and user discussions)
And you know the end result of all that? The potential graphical improvements just get dropped very early on in development.

I'm going to wager that resolution disparities are going to be the only differences we see from Third Party developers this gen. As it doesn't cost as much as creating and testing/debugging two different graphical features between systems.
But of course we still have that potential marketing problem.
It'll be the First Party exclusives where we see what each system can truly achieve.

MegaDan1702d ago

Micro$oft's "parity policy" has ruined the gaming industry. Last Gen they got away with it since the PS3 was more complicated to develop for vs the 360 but this Gen there is no excuse for PS4 multiplats to look or perform worse compared to the XB1 other than devs selling out for M$ money.

AntoineDcoolette1702d ago

What is this 'parity policy' you speak of? I'm ignorant to the term

buttclown1702d ago

I believe he is referring to the policy that basically says if a game is released on PS not at the same time as Xbox or not before PS, they won't allow it on their console. I also thought this pertained to Indies only, but I may be wrong. Crappy policy but hopefully it will be changed.

And I don't understand MegaDan what that clause has to do with this? They are clearly talking about exclusive content made for one platform or content coming first to one platform like Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Destiny, etc.

Skate-AK1702d ago

I would probably just watch it on YouTube if it did happen.