Getting the XBOX360 off the ground

Here's another stroll down memory lane in the making of the Xbox 360. This email from October, 2002, just before the launch of Xbox Live, shows the internal communication within Microsoft as the project, code-named Xenon, got off the ground.

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slugg6316d ago

To read a similar internal email from Sony right now! It would probably be something like... "Blu-ray to be delayed again, no functional PS3's yet, chips underperforming and yields suck @$$. All Project leads are instructed to sharpen swords to use for ritual suicide by disembowelment this December 31st!"

USMChardcharger6316d ago

i just posted this in another comment section. but for those who did not read it...i think ssj is banned. least as ssj. i just checked his name and every comment he has posted says this:
Reported as Spam, Unrelevant or Offensive Comment
it is unbelieveable how many pages of comments say this...he has to be banned.
i bet among many outlaw is doing a little dance.
how about it your dancing shoes on? lol

TheMART6316d ago

yes ssj04 is banned I think, but he came back in the form of PS3Lord for sure, watch the analfabetic language use of that guy. It's the same...

schnodder6316d ago

he spams every board across the net. i've seen him as SSJ @ he needs to chill.

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OutLaw6316d ago

The moderator is starting to delete PS3Lord for his comments.

USMChardcharger6316d ago

maybe we should hold a contest for ssj's next name he can use once he is banned as ps3lord. anyone?
all four letter words excluded...i know that may disappoint a few.

shotty6316d ago

Look what sony has done to ssj04/lord ps3, you are giving sony fans a bad name.

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Striker Is The Worst Mortal Kombat Character Of All Time

In the annals of Mortal Kombat history, Stryker stands out not for his prominence but for his successive series of blunders and near-misses.

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CrimsonWing6923h ago(Edited 23h ago)

Most of the MK4 cast is far worse than Stryker.

ZwVw23h ago

Not even close. That award goes to Hsu Hao.

BlaqMagiq119h ago

Uh... did you forget Mokap exists?

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The 7 Best Video Game Trailers of All Time

There's been a lot of great video game trailers over the years, but here's Chit Hot's picks for the seven best produced so far.

-Foxtrot3d ago

I never even knew this existed, I love him, he was fantastic

Just a shame that he passed away, I always wanted to see if they did one more Bottom live when they were older to send the characters off if he was still alive. I'd have loved to go and see it.

CantThinkOfAUsername2d ago

@LordoftheCritics that's my kind of list! I'd only add Halo Wars 2 and For Honor.

Rocketisleague2d ago

Versus Xiii original trailer, I was literally a kid back then. Shame it was quite disappointing on release

-Foxtrot3d ago

Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Revelation had some great cinematic trailers, the latter using Woodkids Iron. Even Assassin Creed Unity had a trailer when they used another Woodkid song which was decent.

Tomb Raider Underworld had a really good reveal trailer showing Croft Manor in ruins but showed it in reverse.

The Last of Us Part II reveal with Ellie singing Through the Valley and also the TV Sport where she sang a cover of True Faith.

The Witcher 3s A Night to Remember trailer which they basically turned into the games Epilogue set after the Blood and Wine expansion. He told Orianna he'd come back for her and he did.

Halo 3 Starry Night. Short but effective.

The Callisto Protocol launch trailer. The game might not be amazing but the launch trailer was well done and the theme song to the game "Lost Again" by Kings Elliot was beautiful

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, great trailer and really gave off that mystery, conspiracy vibe

Uncharted 4 Man Behind the Treasure

Deathloop Launch trailer with Pitch Black and the official gameplay trailer with Déjà Vu, two great songs made for the game.

isarai2d ago

Never even played the game but AC Revelations CGI trailer I saved in my PS3 and would rewatch on a regular basis, and used it as a reference for calibrating TVs when I bought them