Getting the XBOX360 off the ground

Here's another stroll down memory lane in the making of the Xbox 360. This email from October, 2002, just before the launch of Xbox Live, shows the internal communication within Microsoft as the project, code-named Xenon, got off the ground.

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slugg5826d ago

To read a similar internal email from Sony right now! It would probably be something like... "Blu-ray to be delayed again, no functional PS3's yet, chips underperforming and yields suck @$$. All Project leads are instructed to sharpen swords to use for ritual suicide by disembowelment this December 31st!"

USMChardcharger5826d ago

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TheMART5826d ago

yes ssj04 is banned I think, but he came back in the form of PS3Lord for sure, watch the analfabetic language use of that guy. It's the same...

schnodder5826d ago

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OutLaw5826d ago

The moderator is starting to delete PS3Lord for his comments.

USMChardcharger5826d ago

maybe we should hold a contest for ssj's next name he can use once he is banned as ps3lord. anyone?
all four letter words excluded...i know that may disappoint a few.

shotty5826d ago

Look what sony has done to ssj04/lord ps3, you are giving sony fans a bad name.

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