Dear GameStop, You're Not That Bad

The Game Fanatics: Let’s talk about the wondrous world of trade-ins. This is GameStop’s bread and butter, their money-making recycling program.

You give them used games, they flip it for profit. The problem that the unseasoned GameStop customer has is that he or she, more often than not, is looking for value for their trade-ins. However, you’ll often find that you’re not getting the value you expect, even if you’re trading in a newer game. You might trade in a recently released title, receive $17 credit for it, and see them restock it with a $54.99 price tag.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

I must disagree, though Gamespot sometimes does have pretty good trade in deals I still would never call them "not that bad"
Gamestop has too many bad business practices which would always make me see them as a evil figure in gaming, and in buisness.
Did you know when you buy a "new" game in gamestop there is a chance it's not actually new? Yes you heard it, gamestop employees are aloud to open new games to try them out and reseal them later on... Some of you may be thinking wait... if they played the game they'll surly sell it as a used game right? Wrong they'll turn around and sell it for the brand spanking new price of 59.99. This is a horrible practice if it's been used how dare you try to sell it for new price.
Last point in this piece the author mentions how it's the one place gamers can go chat with each other, for many communities this may be true, and while waiting in line for midnight releases in the past I did talk to people as the line dwindled but it's hardly the go to place to talk about games. It may only be me but in my town we have a gaming hall where gamers many gamers head to every weekend to play video games together, host free tournaments, and just chat about games. Gamestop would never replace that sense of community.
Gamestop needs some change.

uth111609d ago

I hate their policy of opening even new games and keeping the disk behind the counter. Surely there must be better anti-theft measures they can use

guitarded771609d ago

Yep... The only time I deal with GameStop is for a console launch. They can have the console in my hands at midnight, and pre-ordered games/consoles come sealed.

Otherwise, I usually order from Amazon. I'm Prime at Amazon, so I get my game on launch day, and it's usually a little cheaper in most cases. I just wish they'd go back to offering the $10 - $20 credits they were doing with pre-orders for a while. That was awesome.

alexkoepp1609d ago

Hate gamestop, they'll never see another penny of my money. Can't wait for the all digital world where gamestop finally gets put out of buisness

Summons751609d ago

Highly agree and I worked for them so I know how it really is. Its really hard to chat about games because you'll be written up for not steering the conversation and nearly forcing people to reserve call of duty and sign up for game informer.

I was always in trouble and threatened by the district manager for refusing to do this and expanding customers gaming horizons. He couldn't do anything about it because they loved it and kept coming back. After I quit I was told business got slower and the stores feedback dropped.

rainslacker1609d ago

That's odd. I often talk about lots of different games with the GA's and manager at my regular GS.

Granted, I've been going there long enough, and they know me by name, and don't try to sell me all that extra stuff because they know I already know what I want, and more often than not know more than they do what is coming out.

New guys are fun though. They try to sell me all that stuff. Had one last week that tried to get me to sign up for PUR card, even though I was handing him the one I already had.:)

I know GS gets a lot of flack, but I think people allow themselves to be ripped off and then blame GS. It's not GS fault that people are impatient, and it's not like GS doesn't go out of their way to advertise their promotions, both in print and in store(as soon as you walk in in some cases after asking if you need help).

It's not like most other places you can trade in give you that much more credit for games, if any. GS has lots of logistical data to determine their pricing. It's not meant to screw people over, it's meant to keep the store profitable. If it wasn't, then they wouldn't do it. I can guarantee you if GS stopped taking trade-ins, many people would be really pissed and their business for new games would drop significantly.

If people want a new copy, then insist on it. If they don't have one, then don't buy it. They aren't forcing anyone's hand. If they are condescending about it, just register a complaint and go to Best Buy, Target, or Wal-Mart.

I've gotten lots of great deals on used older games from them. Just picked up 9 games there yesterday for $27 for various systems to bolster my collection.

Anyhow, I always liked the GA like yourself that knew who the gamers were, and could talk about something besides COD. But even you can admit that there are plenty of teens that would come in and talk about the shooter of the moment, and they usually outnumber people like us. I've seen it first hand. You talk about anything other than some big shooter and they look like a deer in headlights, and those people consider themselves hardcore gamers and think others that don't play them are lame. But that's what sells most.

What GS employees do is no different than what you get at many retail and food-service establishments. They are trained to push a particular product, and push the added ticket item. It's what they are supposed to do, and people should understand they can say no. GS isn't forcing anyone to buy or trade anything.

I don't dislike GS. I don't overly love it. I just take it for what it is. A game store where I can get games. Never has GS ever forced me to do anything I didn't want to do. The only time I had a problem there was when the PS3 first came out and the GA literally called me stupid for not wanting a 360. I'm pretty sure he expected me to hang my head in shame, and not completely dismantle his fragile ego in front of his speechless manager and several customers waiting to check out.

steven83r1609d ago

Ya i have dealt with them on the whole opening games. Went in for a PS2 game back in the day and the grabbed an open copy from a drawer and i said new not used. He said it is new. I laughed and said if you go to best buy and ask for a TV and they grab one from the back open and put it in a box in front of you will you accept it as new? He then pulled one off the shelf new for me. They have some shady practices and i don't go there unless absolutely necessary.

rainslacker1609d ago

I think some people are just too gutless to just insist on an unopened copy. If a person is willing to buy an opened game new, that's kind of on them. It's crappy that GS does it, because I'd consider it a floor model(in your metaphor). But no one is forcing anyone to actually purchase an opened copy as new.

I think GS should just stop the employee "rental" program, and just use display boxes that I'm sure the publishers would happily supply to put on the shelf. Anything open is not new.

Spotie1609d ago

Publishers don't supply much in the way of display boxes. In fact, I can't recall any times when they did. GameStop has to make their own. And while stores are given enough for promotional walls, there's never enough for the "New Games" section for any system. And the corporate office, for whatever reason, mandates that there be a certain number of cases on display.

In general, it's different from a floor model, in that it hasn't been running and exposed the whole time. Typically, employees are to check out used copies, though there obviously aren't any when a game first releases. At that time, it's the display copy that is taken home.

There are also limits on when a game can be checked out and other such things, but they don't figure into this much.

Usually, it's only when there are no other copies to sell that the display copies are sold, for the above reason: maintaining a wall of cases. If the display is sold another one has to take its place.

rainslacker1608d ago

I'm curious if GS actually asks publishers for additional display cases. Even if it's just the artwork, they could provide their own boxes. I know they make their own, but they don't look as professional as the official ones, and typically have GS material on them as well.

I do agree that it's not entirely the same, as the game isn't technically used, but it has been handled. The only time I've ever had them try to sell me a opened copy as new was when it was the last copy. I just politely decline unless it's an older game that is going cheap and I always insist on inspecting everything before purchase. I'm going to open it anyways.

Jadenkorr0211609d ago

No they are NOT allowed to open new games and take them home to try them then reseal them. That is COMPLETELY False. They can take home USED games that there are 3 or more of in stock to try for 3 days. IF any employee opens a new game and takes it home they are fired. period. no second chances with that. Theres a zero tolerence for it. Because its ILLEGAL. Dont talk unless you know what your talking about.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1608d ago

Maybe the specific store you worked for which I'm guessing that's the only reason you want to reply. You know how all of the display cases they have up for new games are empty? well they sure are not supplied empty, gamestop takes them out and employees are aloud to take them home with them with the rental program they have.... Trust me alot more people would agree with me, and many other previous gamestop employees.

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finito821609d ago

gamestop is horrible for trade ins, sure they might have great gaming deals in general sometimes a few times within the year though does not make up for there really bad rip off trade in policy.

if you're going to sell a game do it on ebay or amazon for amazon credit, i would never trade at gamestop.

persona4chie1609d ago

Yeah I've always been suspicious of those ( new games) with that little piece of plastic over the front. And we've all heard about the xenoblade and metroid trilogy controversy. An example i would like to give. If you bought a game brand " new" game with that little sticker on the front and lets say you opened that new game right in the store immediately after you purchased it and decided you didn't want it, they wouldn't let you return it although just a few minutes prior they just had their hand on the disc as they placed it in the case. I f&[email protected]

Ripsta7th1609d ago

Hell no!! What first poster said is right. I went and bought gt5 and was given it inside a CD case and they also gave me the box and manual but that is not a new game if the disc is out of the box. Had to buy it though since it was last one they had left

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