Dragon Age: Inquisition Details About the Orlesian Empire

Bioware releases a blog with new details about the Orlesian aristocracy on the Dragon Age website.

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Blackleg-sanji1610d ago

have they showed gameplay of anykind of this yet?

thorstein1610d ago

Haven't heard, but I hope they don't overhaul the gameplay. I loved it in DA:O. I think this is the true sequel to origins anyway. I didn't even want DA2 the way it was designed.

Blackleg-sanji1610d ago

i tend to write off da2 lol origins is where its at gameplay wise well this better be at e3 if its coming out this yr with no gameplay

Eldyraen1609d ago

I linked a video of the more Action oriented gameplay mode if you want to see it (replying as it will send the notification to you).

You can actually find some more tactical/pause and play videos online if you look hard enough (unless forced to remove them) but I didn't feel like doing that atm. It may have been an off screen video though as I don't remember much about it other than it looked close enough to Origins to make me smile inside just a little bit.

From what I've seen and heard Inquisition seems to be going for an either/or kind of approach which could appease both crowds if done right. It may be a lot more work but if Bioware somehow allows for both more DA:O type of control (which was spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate basically) as well as the option for Action RPG mechanics (DA2) they could have a bigger hit than either DA game ever was.

If my memory serves me correctly though and that is the case then I may end up playing it even more than I did Origins as I can play it more ways than ever ;) Granted they could always had changed things too as not sure when the video had came out...

But just saying I do remember seeing 2 very different ways to play the game which seemed to show very much Origins-like gameplay mechanics as well as a very different DA2 action rpg combat style.

Skate-AK1610d ago

Pretty sure there are some Alpha gameplay videos around YouTube.

Eldyraen1610d ago

Thought I'd help you out if you haven't searched for it yet:

It shows the more action oriented gameplay mode but there are others somewhere that shows tactical controls more like DA:O but don't think it is an exact copy either but close enough from what I could tell.

Salooh1609d ago

Off screen :

Looks impressive ^^ . Hope the gameplay and story in the same level.

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Kal8531609d ago

Anyone else read the first big paragraph, and thought it sounded just like Game of Thrones?