Dissecting Far Cry 4′s Racially Insensitive Box Art

Liam Lambert, GIZORAMA - "Last week, Ubisoft announced Far Cry 4 to the mild surprise of fans and pundits alike. As is often the case, the controversy surrounding the specifics of the announcement overshadowed the announcement itself, namely the game’s box art which was deemed by many to be offensive and racially insensitive. People around the world were understandably quick to jump to their keyboards and lambaste Ubisoft and the Far Cry 4 team(s) for depicting a white man subjugating a person of colour, a sly smile playing across his face as he holds the submissive’s head in his hand. Those people were right for the most part, but the issue probably isn’t quite as simple as it first appears, and Ubisoft’s decision to use such a striking and controversial image for one of its flagship titles is probably about as smart as it is stupid."

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xHeavYx1612d ago

"Racially Insensitive"
Interesting, I didn't see anyone complaining about the last cover

admiralvic1612d ago

"Interesting, I didn't see anyone complaining about the last cover"

Not that I agree with Far Cry 4's box art being racist, I don't see how this comparison is remotely logical. FC3's design looks like two people of the same color and has more of a torture vibe to it. FC4's box art has an obviously brighter skin colored person with blonde hair (this is usually linked to the Nazi master race of blonde hair / blue eyes) over someone of more color and is positioned in a way that implies the blonde person is dominate. Again, I don't agree with it, but similar to the IGN logo on the Okami box art, I can certainly understand where people are coming from after having it pointed out.

On Topic~ I wish the "journalists" would find new things to ***** and moan about. You're suppose to be covering games, not social issues. I mean, a good number of people couldn't care less if Tomodachi Collection supported homosexual marriage, whether or not Mario had a token colored character or that the Far Cry 4 box art depicts a light skinned man dominating someone of more color. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that these people aren't allowed to feel this way, but I am saying that the amount of coverage these issues vastly outweigh their actual importance in the world of gaming.

For instance, I seemed to be the only "journalist" who covered Sorcery Saga having online DRM DLC. To me, this is a real issue worth bringing to the table, since I have to ask why in the WORLD do you add online DRM to a portable game and more importantly, it would bring an issue that might come up again to the lime light and end it before it becomes a real problem, but I digress.

shadow18spirit1612d ago

Its a game why does it matter

SaintAlpha1011612d ago

I didn't notice anything racist about it.
I personally saw a gangster/mob boss sitting down with his hand on a random persons head, not 'white man dominating the black man."

I swear people can nitpick about anything these days.
I personally think the cover of Crash Bandicoot on PS1 is racist, it portrays all orange furred animals as adventurous, crate smashing short-wearers, which I find highly offensive and Naughty Dog should be condemned for this portrayal.

MasterofMagnetism1612d ago

Would it still be racially insensitive if it was the other way around? Seriously?

csreynolds1612d ago

"Racially Insensitive"?

Ugh. Get like Elsa the Snow Queen and LET IT GO.