E3 2014 preview: Saints Row, Ryse 2, Darksiders, Evolve and Destiny

E3 2014 brings out the best in everyone, and it helps serve as a major launching pad for the second half of the year. With a lot of these companies finally making their first journey into the world of PS4 and Xbox One, it's a very exciting time to see what they bring to market. New franchises will be created and old ones will be revitalized. Before we get to E3 2014 though, here's a look at some of the things we may or may not see in a few weeks.

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Gozer1663d ago

I would definitely take a sequel to Ryse. I think Crytek laid good groundwork for a AAA i.p. with RSR. The graphics quality needs to remain in tact. Imo they simply need to add more depth to the combat, and add more enemy models. I would like them to add more equipment models in the online MP as well.

RuleNumber51663d ago

Yeah agreed. I think they can go a lot deeper with this series and even give players a bit more freedom from an exploration standpoint. I think the game would benefit greatly from it.