Here Is Why Kodoku Is Not Coming To The Xbox One

"Carnivore Studios' Koduku is an upcoming survival horror title for PS4 and PS Vita which plans to put the player in a horror situation and urges them to explore across a island in Japan."

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XiSasukeUchiha1614d ago

I guess that makes sense! it's called opinions!

georgeenoob1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

These games people never heard about are not coming to Xbox One. It's not like X1 gamers even want it.

I already have an iPhone 5.

FlunkinMonkey1614d ago

You quite simply don't understand the implications this holds for games for MS in the future, and hence can't see further than past your own green hand.

This kind of act is probably why Sony has a first party line up second to none.. Because they support independent studio's, which go on to become something bigger and better (Naughty Dog etc).

The ignorance is astounding, clueless.

punctualdork1614d ago

"It's not like X1 gamers even want it. I already have an iPhone 5."

What a childish sentiment.

Mikethejew1614d ago

I don't own the xbone anymore but I agree, I don't care about indies. They are mostly garbage and like you I have a iphone to play casual games.

For some reason everyone here thinks indies will make or break a system.

truefan11614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Lol 98% of these games are so wack, they have to mention that it's not coming to XB1 for anyone to notice it. If the title was Kodoku coming to ps4 next year, it would have like 2 comments no one would think twice to read about it. it's not butthurt it's the truth. i have no problem with quality indie games as filler, but the way these devs talk annoys me.

What happened to indie devs talking about how great their game is to generate hype for it. Now indie marketing is our game is only launching on ps4 because they support us yada yada yada, while MSFT is mean and treats us like dirt. Or they could simply say it's in our best interest to only release our game on ps4, we feel that is where it will be most successful.

GarrusVakarian1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Spoken like a true X1 fanboy. All about the here-and-now.

Having a good relationship with indies sets the foundation for the future. In 5- 10 years time...who knows what some of these studios will turn into. Naughty Dog was an indie, and now look at them. If some of these studios grow and become big...who are they going to remember? Ms and their parity clause? Lol, no.

So yeah, you carry on with your smug "I already have an iphone 5" comments. While the Xbox platform misses out of games, and potential great studios in the future.

Testfire1614d ago

X1 and an iPhone!?! Boy, you sure do make poor decisions lol, j/k.

Highlife1614d ago

What's worse than an xbot an isheep

BitbyDeath1614d ago

Bungie were indie once, how'd you like to have never even heard of halo?

Magicite1614d ago

dont worry, eventually X1 will start losing even important 3rd party games.

fr0sty1614d ago

Every game you've ever played came from a developer that was once and indie. So, to trash indies is to trash gaming as a whole. Just because they don't have some publisher making them sign multi-million dollar contracts that strip them of any creative freedom and vision they may have had for their game in order to make the game more appealing to the mountain dew-doritos crowd, doesn't mean they can't produce classics. Some of the best games I played last gen were from indie devs, and the same is repeating this gen. That is where you find true originality and innovation.

sic_chops1614d ago

I figured George would have a Windows phone. It's funny how George and trufan talk smack on games that they have not and will not play. Let me ask you guys this; do you think bungie just showed up and made halo? No. They started small just like these indie developers are. Same goes with naughty dog and they pump out GOTY contenders left and right. Some of these kids in here are unbelievable.

DigitalRaptor1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

@ Georgeenoob
@ Mikethejew
@ Trufanboy1

Firstly... I don't want to call any of you stupid, but since almost EVERY single large studio that releases today has talent behind it that originated from indie development, so how can you possibly hate on the developers of tomorrow and trash the sector of gaming that basically shaped what you know and love today?

That is the most saddening attitude to ever come from such a set of fanboys. Xbox fanboys hating the foundation of the gaming industry. That is really something else altogether..... goddamn....

Secondly... this sentiment "98% of indie games are crap". None of you have played 98% of indie games. So it's a redundant statement and an absolute LIE.

Thirdly... the "mobile games" argument.

A game is a game. Real gamers like variety, diversity, and unique experiences that offer something different regardless of the budget. Mike.... the diversity and quality of game experiences make or break a system. Stop being bitter that people are excited about unique, original and creative games that don't have the AAA publishers bringing the hammer down on creative decisions.

Giving small developers space and opportunity to grow is a noble thing, and a good way of improving business and good will between developers of a community that is larger than just AAA publishing houses. Of course, this is not something we are expecting impatient, closed-minded, dudebro Xbox fanboys to appreciate.

Having said that now.. Transistor just released to rave reviews - and indie games are being better rated than AAA games this gen so far. How's that for you?

Regarding "iPhone 5"...

You CAN'T play The Witness on mobile.
You CAN'T play Rime on mobile.
You CAN'T play Super Time Force on mobile.
You CAN'T play Everybody's Gone to the Rapture on mobile.
You CAN'T play SOMA on mobile.
You CAN'T play Transistor on mobile.
You CAN'T play Helldivers on mobile.
You CAN'T play The Vanishing of Ethan Carter on mobile.
You CAN'T play Lily Bergamo on mobile.
You CAN'T play Octodad: Dadliest Catch on mobile.
You CAN'T play Kodoku on mobile.
You CAN'T play Secret Ponchos on mobile.
You CAN'T play Dreamfall Chapters on mobile.
You CAN'T play Amplitude on mobile.
You CAN'T play Warframe on mobile.
You CAN'T play War Thunder on mobile.
You CAN'T play Strike Suit Zero on mobile.
You CAN'T play PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate on mobile.
You CAN'T play DayZ on mobile.
You CAN'T play Hyper Light Drifter on mobile.
You CAN'T play No Man's Sky on mobile.
You CAN'T play Towerfall Ascension on mobile.
You CAN'T play Flower on mobile.
You CAN'T play Velocity 2X on mobile.
You CAN'T play N++ on mobile.
You CAN'T play RESOGUN on mobile.
You CAN'T play Volume on mobile.
You CAN'T play Mercenary Kings on mobile.
You CAN'T play Hotline Miami 2 on mobile.
You CAN'T play Stick It To The Man on mobile.
You CAN'T play Primal Carnage: Genesis on mobile.

I could go on... and on... and on...

You individuals need to find a new argument to downplay indies. It's not "mobile"/ it's not "98% are crap" cause you have and never will play enough of them to know that. So how about bringing up something legitimate if you want to shed negativity on PS4 and the creative devs that are appreciative that they have been given an opportunity to develop for a popular platform?

That would be more constructive.

styferion1614d ago

How did MS manage to brainwash people to this level, I can't even imagine..

palaeomerus1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

DigitalRaptor you can play most(nearly all) of those on steam, often for cheap, and buy them in bundles. It's a lot of cheap indie bundle junk.

Stick it to the man is on Wii U's e-shop and has been on steam for a while. So what?

"You CAN'T play Hyper Light Drifter on mobile. "

It's a freaking 'Gamemaker' game. A mobile port would be easy.

" Platforms PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Vita, Wii U"

JMyers1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Typical Georgeenoob comment.

If it came to the Xbone, you would be singing a different tune. Games with Gold will now be rife with Indies and smaller titles since its now like PS Plus... Dont download them since you seem to be filled with hate for smaller titles.

You reflect the way MS treated indies, and how they treated 360 fans when they announced the X1. Cocky, proud, obnoxious. No wonder Indies are staying away. Don't worry MS will dish out funds for the big guns... they have to, as they are being BEATEN in their HOME market.

I wish you had ZERO bubbles, because you make me stoop to your TROLL level of comments, hate and ignorance... if that's even possible.

Bunjie and Naughty Dog were Indie... Look at them now.

FayZ_1613d ago

georgenoob is right, if ms or even majority of gamers actually cared about this game then ms would throw cash at them and make it an exclusive, all these indie devs complaining about ms not giving their terrible games attention like sony care, they just wana throw crappy indie games for 'free' to make ps+ sound like a good deal.

xbone has weaker hardware than ps4 but xbox games will always be better. ps2 was weak but well known for it's great games library.

early bf4 dlc, early cod dlc, dedicated servers, titanfall, ms will dedicate its resources to GOOD games.

DigitalRaptor1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

@ palaeomerus

Somehow you managed to twist my comment and lead yourself to believe that by mentioning Steam, that it would somehow negate my point. I PURPOSELY listed indie games REGARDLESS of platform. You didn't notice that? Wow.

You didn't notice that I mentioned a recent Xbone indie game? Or those PC exclusive ones. You didn't notice that my mention of Stick it to the Man didn't correlate with PS4 in any regard, since it's an excellent multiplatform indie game? Wow.

Hyper Light Drifter: It doesn't matter if "a mobile port would be easy". Georgeenoob mentioned an iPhone whilst close to 100% of those games aren't coming to a phone of any kind. See what i mean? I hope you do see it, since you don't seem the stupid kind to me. Yet your response to me is indicative of your direct support in agreeing with that idiot.

Although, I hope you're not just here to just downplay my solid logic cause you think it reflects Sony fanboysim, when all I'm doing is pouring alkaline over those acidic and nasty indie game detractors. Sadly, that seems to be the only reason why you're commenting on this article.

DigitalRaptor1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

@ FayZ_

"if ms or even majority of gamers actually cared about this game then ms would throw cash at them"

You know nothing about this game or the developer behind it, so how can you even start drawing those conclusions? Still, what is the [email protected] program then, you numpty?

"they just wana throw crappy indie games for 'free' to make ps+ sound like a good deal."

Come back to me when Outlast, Resogun, Mercenary Kings, Stick it to the Man, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, Sound Shapes and Don't Starve are crappy games. Come back to me when PS+ isn't one of the best value subscription-based services in gaming.

How come the highest rated games of this generation so far are INDIE GAMES?

"xbone has weaker hardware than ps4 but xbox games will always be better. ps2 was weak but well known for it's great games library. "

And you're basing this on what exactly? The fact that Xbox has never outpaced PlayStation when it comes to games or sales? PS2's game library was remembered for both its excellence, its diversity from both AAA and independently developed games, as well as the SHEER number of games available.

So far only PS4 mirrors this, out of both consoles. It has a good mix of indie, AAA, free-to-play, Japanese, and MMOs so it has the diversity firmly down. And it also has many more games available - just like PS2 did. I'm sorry, but you're proving nothing, when PS4 is trouncing the Xbone in all of these categories of its game library. It will always stay this way for PS4.

"early bf4 dlc, early cod dlc, dedicated servers, titanfall, ms will dedicate its resources to GOOD games"

TIMED EXCLUSIVE content for overrated annual shooters pales in comparison to LONG-TERM exclusive content for original games like Destiny and Watch_Dogs.

Dedicated servers that have proven that barely any of the Xbone developers are using them. Read this article for some exposure on what MS are really offering:

Titanfall was a supposed trump card, and its fell flat on its face. It didn't live up to the hype in any single regard, it didn't move consoles as expected, and didn't sell as expected, and certainly will not stay exclusive to Xbone for any time longer than it takes to make a sequel.

Sony will dedicate its resources towards one of its most successful divisions and do what they've always done in making and heavily supporting diverse GOTY-worthy gaming experiences. You can keep pretending that has somehow changed because MS is FINALLY getting their act together, if you want. It literally makes none of what you said any more valid.

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Gamer19821614d ago

A lot of Japanese developers are not bothering with Xbox one this generation right now thanks to various reasons we can all easily guess. Tecmo Koei are not releasing there warriors series on there (SW4 and WO3 Ultimate) and a few others have no plans either. This may change in the future but it will swing peoples view of the console if they want to play those games on there consoles. I bought a PS4 because I love FF, Warriors series and other JRPGs. So the Xbox is no good for me this generation so far.

Dlacy13g1614d ago

So you dont' have to click on this:

"So far, we do not have official plans to release it for Xbox One. The choice has mostly been driven by the support Sony can give us as independent developers, which really helps us,” Romain Toutain, Technical director and co-game designer of Koduko told to GamingBolt."

Godmars2901614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

So again, Sony's indie support is fully formed and offers something to devs, while MS is in the process of reshaping their policies which would have and still may hamper anyone who signs on with them. Be only beneficial to MS.

Dlacy13g1614d ago

Not exactly how their statement reads but if thats what you want to make of it more power to you.

No doubt some of MS's policy on the release parity has been an issue for some but that isn't mentioned at all. Just a good relationship with Sony.

bessy671614d ago

Not really. All it means is that Sony is paying for it with the Pub Fund.

JMyers1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Rather than supporting innovation and Indie studios, MS instead buys Third party from the likes of EA.

This is why I cannot trust MS and their "new face". Suddenly they're all about games. Then you'll hear them talk about the X1 being the all in one device again. They want to be all things to all people, jack of all... master of now. So their wallet makes up the slack.

Cueil1614d ago

so officially not porting it over... unofficially getting ready for X1 after contract with Sony is done... it's a work around that can be used to get pass parity

MarkusMcNugen1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I thought devs could sign a contract with Sony, and then after the fact sign a contract with Microsoft. They didnt have to release the game with Sony and then start working with MS, I was pretty sure they could sign a contract with MS right after signing one with Sony because Microsoft couldnt enforce parity with pre-established contracts.

Cueil1614d ago

not sure hot exactly it has to happen to work around the clause...

Pogmathoin1614d ago

Another article about someone we now know..... Nothing more than free advertising.....

Spotie1614d ago

So I guess you would prefer articles about things we already know?

jahcure1614d ago

that's ok..who needs additional games when xbox one has Titanfall.. /s

DJustinUNCHAIND1614d ago

Exactly, Titanfall is more than enough to make up for another indie game no one cares about.

jnemesh1614d ago

That's OK. Given the current bile XBox owners spew at the slightest mention of the word "indie", it's probably better that they stick with the platform where both Sony and the gamers support them!

kanyewesting1614d ago

LMAO Xbox is the leader in software sales & every indie we have is doing great.

Major_Glitch1614d ago

Lol. The Xbox is the leader of software sales?! The PS Vita sold more software than the xbone last month, and that's according to vgchartz who we all know historically boost Microsoft's numbers. I swear, MS's fanboys are so delusional it's sad.

Gamerbynight1614d ago

The 360 was the first console to have an all indie channel and brought there games to consoles. Sony started it after ms was successful. I do believe both consoles will have a good supply of indies but sony is way over doing it with thousands. It was hard to find anything on the 360 indie channel and I cant imagine how crowded the ps4 ui is going to be with this. I just think ms is being a lot more selective with what they bring on the console and overall that will bring less competition and more sales for the indie devs on the x1.

0P-Tigrex1614d ago

i don't see why the word "indie title" to many Xbox fans relate it to being less of a game or not worth their time.. I can understand a person preferring to play AAA titles only, but for a big fan base to discredit them is something else. Every game studio/development team started out small at one point or another.

Last generation Xbox fans enjoyed the Arcade games.. now since the Ps4 is getting lot of Indie support it's suddenly an "indiestation" with ported PC games. Hell, a majority of console gamers don't even own a mid-high range gaming PC so these are considered brand new games to them, their also cheap to play.

Look at Transistor, the game is beautifully designed and has a genuine story that XboX players can't play atm. Truth is Playstation offers a wide variety of games. It's the ultimate gaming experience imo.

GodGinrai1614d ago

"i don't see why the word "indie title" to many Xbox fans relate it to being less of a game or not worth their time"

That is misinformation. Lets be honest, most indie games, dont have the advertising budget of a AAA game, so they dont get noticed as much...we all got those COD/madden/fifa friends..and chances are they play little else and make up the majority of our friend lists...I play all kinds of indies ( I own 147 arcade games) but I only know a handful of people that venture into those pastures...they just want to play the "big boys" game..

"I can understand a person preferring to play AAA titles only, but for a big fan base to discredit them is something else"

Dont brush the entire Xbox community with the same brush as the characters on N4G...If I did that I would not own a PS4, aswell right now, for sure.

I have this vision of PS4 loving, N4G posters, as over opinionated, turtleneck wearing, artsy wannabes who think championing indies makes them somehow more enlightened than other gamers. I think they only bring it up to throw at xbox fans.So in defence they act like they dont want those indie games...which is a lie because some of them do.Thats just how it comes across to me. Of course I dont hold all PS4 owners in that same regard...hence why I bought one.

but for me...A game is a game. if its good its good. Just dont expect me to get into sub based MMOs. but anything else im good with.

0P-Tigrex1614d ago

Ok. I was mainly referring to the trolling/or ignorant demographic of Xbots in the gaming community. The "Ps4 has more games but Xbox has better quality games" type rhetoric that i loathe because it's simply not true even if you say preference in games is subjective.

If history repeats itself the PS4 will once again have the better 1st party games with a much wider variety of 3rd party and indies to choose from. The people who say "indiestation" i believe are trolls or who simply aren't into smaller budget games or are playing off the lack of games atm to their own agenda of personal self-importance.

GodGinrai1614d ago

I agree. Its all subjective.

"The people who say "indiestation" i believe are trolls or who simply aren't into smaller budget games or are playing off the lack of games atm to their own agenda of personal self-importance."

Its just tit-for-tat, name calling. I got over all that kind of stuff when I was a kid and sega ruled the roost ( shuddup and let it go nintendo too old, for that convo, now!. Just ignore it. You know what games you enjoy. that all that matters. If they choose to not get into indies, its there loss. I am playing super time force at the moment and its excellent.

Been praising that game to some of my friends on XBL...Im pretty sure I brought Capy games some new customers this coming payday. I have a pretty large clan (35 members...not really a clan..more like my own social club. some of em, jaded COD players seeking something different. I think this gen, people will be more open to trying out different types of games on xbox. Trust me, the COD/FPS fatigue is REAL!

MarkusMcNugen1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

It's all about perceived value, which is subjective by definition. AAA titles tend to have larger production and marketing budgets which increases their perceived value to most people. Ive bought and played a bunch of indie games on PC and my 360, but I still prefer triple AAA titles. I just feel like I can get more immersed into AAA games.

The games are coming. Xbox One is going to be getting indie titles and some exclusives, and PS4 is going to be getting all those juicy first-party exclusives.

Frankly, allegiance to one console has never made sense to me. Maybe not everyone can afford to have both a PS4 and Xbox One but they only make each other better through competition. So bashing the other console serves no purpose other than a small temporary ego boost.

beerzombie1614d ago

most indie games suck, but I have about a 140 games on my x360 too.
The problem is a 1000 games is too many to go through to find the gems. Sony may be turning their machine into a android market were the great games get unnoticed.

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