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Anthony Martinelli, GIZORAMA - "Defense Technica is a good example of how a game can have mediocre graphics, a pointless story and generic level designs, while still being fun and addictive. It’s also an example of a game that with some more variety and creativity, could have been something great.

In Defense Technica (part of the tower-defense genre) your primary goal is keeping your “core” alive by establishing a mechanical military. Throughout each level there are numerous spaces – represented by squares with a blue outline – that you can build your defenses upon. You’ll have options such as machine-gun turrets, mortars, magnums which slow down enemies, flame-throwers, barriers and several others. Purchasing any of these cost a certain amount of resources, which are gained from taking down enemies. Enemies will also drop extra resources which can be collected by the player moving the cursor over them."

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