The Review Score Watch Dogs Needs to Live Up to The Hype

After an extended period of anticipation, this game has the weight of the world upon its shoulders. What score does it need to meet those expectations?

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ArchangelMike1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Can we not start this please. An arbitrary number based on subjectivity, resolution-gate-fanboyism, media hype, and game journalist elitism.

Keep your review scores. I've got the game already pre-ordered. So have millions of gamers across the world. Arbitrary review scores won't change that.

We'll just enjoy the game anyway!

toocoolgames_141702d ago

Arbitrary numbers, all opinion...yeah, all critics are just useless, anyway.

Really can't stand viewpoints like this. Want to talk about elitist? It's right here.

higgins781701d ago

I agreed to a point - also like yourself I have the game pre-ordered, but "we'll just enjoy the game anyway"!? speak for yourself. I will enjoy the game if it is well made and interesting, I will NOT pretend to enjoy it if my worst fears are realised, that the review embargo being held until release date and the massive delay equal no smoke without fire.

mcarsehat1701d ago

My my this site is morbid today.

Reviews mean BALLS ALL!

MysticStrummer1701d ago

"After an extended period of anticipation…"

My anticipation for this game didn't last long, but maybe I'm in the minority. That initial reveal blew me away but everything I've seen since then has been less interesting, and I'm not talking about visuals at all.

Display1701d ago

10/10 & best game of the year nomination or i'm not buying it.

daBUSHwhaka1701d ago

Wait a see.This game will rock.Looks great.The visual downgrade will be something that we will see a lot of this gen.Witcher 3 and The Division to name some.Let's face it,if Ubisoft can get The Division running as good as E3 2013 on PS4
or X1 then we're in for a treat,but it's NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.

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