First Impressions: Endless Legend | GIZORAMA

Tyler Mitchell, GIZORAMA - "If you ask me, the king of 4X-strategy games is undoubtedly the Civilization series. With Civilization V featuring Steam Workshop, we’ve seen our fair share of compelling mods covering everything from the distant sci-fi planets and races of Mass Effect to the 7 kingdoms of Westeros. Few, if any, have captured the magic of the vanilla Civilization V experience, but Amplitude Studios’ fantasy-themed Endless Legend comes awfully close.

Endless Legend was released as a Steam Early Access game in late-April. Typically, Early Access games receive a fair amount of flack for just how rough the product is. And while that should be expected, as they’re usually in the Alpha stage of development, a select few have been released in pretty great condition. Endless Legend is one of these."

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