Driveclub’s developer bets you’ll still pay $60 for its racing game

Racing games are a commodity in the era of high-definition gaming. Rivals can deliver free-to-play driving games with cool graphics. It’s hard to tell them apart from the latest console games.

But Sony’s Evolution Studios is content to deliver a premium racing experience at $60 on the PlayStation 4. Evolution’s Driveclub debuts Oct. 8 with the promise of better car handling than any other racing title, exquisite graphics, and social gameplay. Paul Rustchynsky, the game director for Driveclub, said his team is trying to build a racing game that is social at its heart and will keep players coming back.

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Future_20151664d ago

i will buy 60 bucks for project cars not "drive club"

GarrusVakarian1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

"Driveclub’s developer bets you’ll still pay $60 for its racing game"

Ok! I'll take you up on that bet. 60 bucks for me!

*Sees gameplay*

You win.

Crazyglues1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

@ Lukas_Japonicus


||.........___||............ ||

Destrania1663d ago

They're getting my money!

URNightmare1663d ago

I will buy two copies of Driveclub just for the fck of it. That last vid got me so hyped.

Darkstares1663d ago

Will Plus members have to pay $60 too?

aCasualGamer1663d ago

I would've paid, if it weren't for the fact that it doesn't have splitscreen. That is absolutely BS. How can you call your self a developer and not include splitscreen in a racing game that supposed to be more "fun" than a simulator?

Sure, would be impossible to have 1080p 30fps on two screens at the same time with all that detail and dynamic weather, but they don't have to put in all that on splitscreen mode. I would've loved a slightly less detailed lower res and static weather system as long as i could play with friends and family.

Why is splitscreen always non existent in games that are supposed to be social?

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ZodTheRipper1664d ago

What makes you think that Project Cars is the better game? We don't know much about Driveclub yet.

CernaML1663d ago

Cant even compare the two. But at least Project Cars will run at 60fps. Obviously wont look as pretty though.

sprinterboy1663d ago

2 different racers anyway dude, one social/arcade the other going.for the realism sim

AceBlazer131664d ago

Game looks awesome, buying it day 1. I'd feel kinda cheap if I enjoyed the free version and not buy it tbh.

TheFallenAngel1663d ago

Yea I'll pay for it. I need a good racing game and this seems to be like a good one. I was a big forza fan.

bobsmith1663d ago

no thanks too many games around then. id rather get the crew and or project cars with my free driveclub rather than driveclub and no new free version of another game.

Gamings_Last_Legend1663d ago

Why would I pay even $1 for it when its supposed to be free? Sony had better give us an update about that @ e3. I dont wanna see random driving footage when they should focus on other titles. Just mention it in a sentence, dont bother showing footage, and get onto the big reveals.

slivery1663d ago

Maybe you should go back and check your facts because they are all wrong. Sony never said Driveclub was free, they said it was free for PS+ subscribers, which it is.

Seriously amazes me how misinformed some of you people are, it's ridiculous.

Gamings_Last_Legend1663d ago

THATS WHAT I MEANT DUFUS!!! obviously i was referring to the PS+ offer, where else would i be getting that information from dummy?

The fact is, everyone has plus now so the game pretty much IS free. read into what im saying next time instead of calling people misinformed!

You now feel stupid.

GamingSinceThe80s1663d ago

Just a small sample of the game is what's free now for PS plus users.Last year it was the whole game that was going to be free.It's called a bait and switch.They got every one to gladly buy into playing for online with ps4 on like the ps3 where it free, because they said they were going to give us a AAA first party game free at launch.Now 7 month's in all we have got from them are $10 to $15 indie games that I for one would have never bought in the first place minus Resogun.Don't get me wrong I have a Vita and PS3 also which makes plus a great deal.But if I just had a PS4 I would feel cheated rite now.Sony lied and that's the truth of the matter.But they could get away with murder at the moment because of how badly MS screwed up last year. "Sony are God's and for the people'.All any of these company's care about is our money not us.But people blindly defend everything they do like brainwashed cult member's.It's because MS was winning last gen that sony was forced to give us such a great value now that their back on top that's changing.If it was MS winning we would still get this whole game free and would have already got some other big AAA games with plus.

kamisama1663d ago

Well they didn't say the full game is free I believe it's a dumbed down version in the sense of content then what you get if you buy the full game

Iceman X1663d ago

You still don't have all the facts it was a free version of the game not the full game for PS+ not the full game.

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