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"Gragnor - I think I've remembered the name correctly - was afraid of beasts. Specifically, he was afraid of caragor, the thuggish cat beasts who roam the scrubland of Mordor, displaying surprising litheness when it comes to climbing walls, pouncing on foes, and ripping the throats of their victims open. Gragnor was a captain in the Uruk army, one of two personal bodyguards to the warchief I was ultimately gunning for. To make that final confrontation easier, my plan was pretty simple: brainwash the bodyguards and use them to undermine the warchief himself. Once he was weakened by their betrayal, I could kill the chief, replace him with one of my own guys - hey, maybe Gragnor? - and move on to my next job.

Getting to the first bodyguard was easy. I had a decent amount of intel here, so I tracked him across the open map, clambered up a tower, dived on him from above, and won him over to my cause using my special wraith powers of persuasion, which basically involves grabbing someone, slapping a hand on their forehead, and watching as magical white energy flows into their cranium. That was surprisingly straightforward, and the only hiccup occurred when I accidentally stumbled into a group of tooled-up Uruk footsoldiers while looking for the button that allowed me to crouch. Luckily, I then found the buttons for my bow - one trigger to aim, one to draw back and then release - so sorting that lot out didn't take too long."

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ArchangelMike1663d ago

I'm loving what I am seeing and hearing about this game. The nemesis system mechanics seem really interesting. I just hope the overall story and gameplay has depth and replayability.

ATi_Elite1663d ago

Middle earth:SOM has just moved up my gotta get list!

I'm more eager to play this than that OVER HYPED Watch Dogs!

SixtyNine1663d ago

Did you know that the nemesis system is exclusive to New gen hardware, as it isn't possible on last gen consoles?

ArchangelMike1662d ago

I didn't know that. Does that mean that the last gen versions will have a completely different gameplay mechanic?

SixtyNine1662d ago

The core game-play will be the same. But the Nemesis system isn't as full fledged like it is on the next gen consoles. It is scaled down.