How Watch Dogs became a blockbuster even before it launched

MCVUK: We don’t even know if it’s any good.

That’s what’s quite remarkable about the already huge success of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. We’ve never played a game quite like it. It’s a new IP so there’s no previous game in which to draw any expectation from. Outside of the E3 demos, the (admittedly impressive) trailers and the hands-on reports from journalists, there’s no way to really know if Watch Dogs will live up to the hype.

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ArchangelMike1637d ago

I'm really interested in this game, I just hope it has the depth and replayability to keep me invested. It definitely has original mechanics.

chizzy2011636d ago

in playing now, hope you like it more than me i think its average at best. and the downgrade from the e3 2012 footage is worse than i thought.