5 points to help you better understand Zenimax's suit against Oculus

Gamasutra: Zenimax alleges that it provided Oculus with intellectual property and expertise from its employees, most notably from Carmack, under the terms of a non-disclosure agreement that forbids anyone from using it without approval from Zenimax.

The company further alleges that Oculus violated that agreement multiple times, most notably in March when it announced plans to be acquired by Facebook to the tune of roughly $2 billion in cash and stock.

Zenimax wants some of that money, and it's now demanding a trial by jury to determine whether or not its claims are legally viable. In an effort to better elucidate the issue, we've taken the liberty of reading through the legal complaint and highlighting some of Zenimax's notable allegations against Oculus.

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porkChop1614d ago

Hmm. Zenimax actually seems to have a pretty strong case here. I don't agree with what they're doing, but it does seem like John Carmack isn't as innocent as he made himself out to be.