A new trailer for Murdered Soul Suspect

Here comes the new trailer of Murdered Soul Suspect showing that Ronan O'Connor will have to use his new abilities to find out the truth about his killer.

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Sharius1614d ago

hey that look interest, puzzle horror game is my favor

AKissFromDaddy1614d ago

I want this game to sell well if it's good all around. I hope it is.

ThichQuangDuck1614d ago

Storywise this looks interesting. I like the focus on story and puzzles over combat. I don't think it will sell too well though since hasn't gotten much press. Will definitely pick up soon

Ashunderfire861614d ago

All its need is Twitch/Ustream viewing. Many people will get that based on just that alone.

LightDiego1614d ago

I still need to play Child of Light, Transistor, Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs and Mario Kart 8.
One month without releases now.

rivencleft1614d ago

Man this game looks sweeeeeet.