ZTGD | Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure (PC) Review

Dave Payerle writes: Kickstarter certainly has its flaws, but one of the major advantages of the service is the life it has given to past game franchises. Deciding to reboot (or make a squeal to) 10-20 year old games is a hard sell for publishers, who question whether such a title still has an audience. The crowd funding model allows game fans to enable the creation of games that would otherwise never see the light of day, by essentially proving upfront with their money that a certain game has enough appeal to justify its creation. Tesla Effect was born on Kickstarter, and features the return of Tex Murphy, who starred in a series of games in the 1990s. True to its roots, the game is built for the people who backed it, and series fans will enjoy the familiar game play, characters and locales.

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