Crytek announces Arena of Fate for PC and Consoles

Crytek has announced Arena of Fate, a MOBA headed to PC and consoles this summer.

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XiSasukeUchiha1610d ago

Oh damn straight this sounds awesome!

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snookiegamer1609d ago

I really don't see a connection to why 'alexkoepp' commented when it has zero to do with the actual article??

Post what you like, ignore him or her who seems bitter like lemon 'n lime.


Looking forward to more info on this Crytek game ;)

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ITPython1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

This is probably MS's "big" third-party exclusive announcement at E3 since the article stated they don't know what console(s) it is coming to yet, but are hoping for an E3 announcement to clear the air (and the article noted it is scheduled to be playable at E3).

Seeing Cryteks relationship with MS in the past, this seems all but certain. They love riding MS real hard (especially when MS pays up front). I just wonder if a console sales gap of 4:1 by the end of the year will make them think twice.

Jdoki1610d ago

Wouldn't they have just come out and said that it was for XB1 if that were the case? Why be shy about it? It wouldn't be a surprise to anyone as Ryse was exclusive.

I think Crytek will go multi-plat with this game. They will no doubt want to show off the CryEngine on other platforms as they can make money licensing it.

hellzsupernova1610d ago

Wondering what has taken so long to get a Moba into consoles. THe popularity is there and the market is ripe for the picking.

Not my kind of games though

Omegasyde1609d ago

I agree.Why there was no port to consoles with league of legends is beyond question.

Volkama1609d ago

There was a LotR mobo on consoles. Guardians of Middle Earth or something?

But yes I agree it is strage, it isn't like the gameplay would be difficult to map to a controller and consoles already have the requisit toxic communities ready to throw insults at their team mates.

its_JEFF1609d ago

Wouldn't be too surprised if this changed to PC & Xbox consoles only, they seem to have a great working relationship.

Volkama1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Crytek are independent as independent can be. Microsoft did nearly sign them up as a first party back in the XBox days, but it fell through because they felt their first person shooter port folio was well covered.

Crytek made Ryse exclusive because MS paid them to make it. They work with EA across all platforms, and would probably be happy to talk to any other publisher. More noteworthy here though, they are signed up to [email protected] so that they can self-publish something.

I strongly expect the MOBA is going to be self-published across One, PS4 and PC. Possibly old-gen consoles as well, especially if it's F2P.

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