Shovel Knights digs its way onto Wii U

Yacht Club games want to make a "Shovel Knight 64" sequel.

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Geobros1702d ago

Interesting!! I cant wait....

Rockefellow1702d ago

A rather meticulous and multifaceted look into the history of Shovel Knight and Yacht Club Games... I honestly clicked the link just to get a laugh out of what I thought would be an out of touch, poorly-written advertisement , but Red Bull proved me wrong. I'll be damned!

Do they do a lot of games coverage, or what? This is a piece written better than 90% of the trash found on N4G from wannabe journalists submitting their own incompetent slush, so I'm pretty surprised that this is coming from a huge corporation of all places.

jcnba281702d ago

When is this game coming out? It keeps on getting delayed!!

wonderfulmonkeyman1702d ago

Seriously. My wallet has been ready for ages.

Skate-AK1702d ago

Looks odd. Never heard of it.