How Microsoft Plans on Turning the Xbox One into A PC

In a stunning victory for gamers feeling the pressure on their XBone hard drives, Microsoft has indeed guaranteed support for external storage. The massive company finally seems to want to get back on gamers’ good side as it enables crucial support for the digitally-powered library of games.

But what console gamers are seeing as a great victory is actually the beginnings of a clever ploy by Microsoft to slowly wean them away from the idea of a console system with everything you need to play in one convenient package with no alteration required… mostly.

Yes. Microsoft’s next-gen console will actually be a PC and the XBOne is the first step. Wake up, sheeple! You’re being had! [satire]

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XiSasukeUchiha1612d ago

Hmm, interesting opinion right here!

IrishSt0ner1612d ago

Made me lol, nice satire.