Online Gaming: Is it Really the Future?

With all major consoles now supporting services to play online, and benefiting from staying connected to the internet to receive console and game updates, there is no doubt: the gaming industry is moving inexorably towards a state of online-dependence.

Games like Forza Motorsport 5, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Titanfall, and Watch Dogs suggest that state is well on it's way. Is this really the best thing for gaming?

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mcnamee191662d ago

I prefer a decent mix of offline and online. I definitely wouldn't want gaming in general to be mainly online-orientated.

Pokemon X & Y had the perfect mix for me. A long Offline mode, mixed with great Online options.

Jrmy841662d ago

I prefer single player. I buy all my games via a disk, I think I've purchased a total of 5 games off live. Back to point I know so many that prefer single player no gold, or PS plus. I have almost 70,000 achievement points none are from playing online.

elhebbo161661d ago

I hope not. I want my Fallout 4 to clean and clear from multiplayer.