Halo 3 Teaser Ad to Be CGI

Bungie has confirmed that the upcoming 60-second Halo 3 commercial, which will be broadcasted on ESPN's Monday Night Football, will be made with in-game assets but rendered off-line to achieve better, jaggie-free visuals in a similar way to the Gears of War "Mad World" trailer. Here is the official word:

"As the press release mentions, this ad will feature CG scenes that are being built by a 3rd party agency (known as Digital Domain). Now you may be thinking to yourself – "CG!? But Bungie doesn't do CG!" – and you would be correct… until now.

Now don't get me wrong – just because this ad isn't gameplay doesn't mean it's not really cool. In fact, we provided the folks at Digital Domain with all of our new in-game models and assets. They then polished them up to movie CGI standards, animated them and rendered them to a degree of stunning beauty. There will be a lot to like in this ad and we're happy with how it's turning out. Just because you're seeing a kind of "real-life" representation of Halo 3 doesn't mean you aren't seeing real gameplay elements from Halo 3."

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PS360WII4449d ago

They could of just let the trialer go and have a whole day of forums talking this way and that way about it. So it's the real thing but just polished up. Should be pretty sweet ^^

ryanjtravis4449d ago

That's a good point, I'm glad that they were up front about it.

Dlacy13g4449d ago

You have to wonder what exactly "in-game" assets will translate to on the commercial. I mean, in the gears commercial you can tell it uses in game assets ...the visuals of the commercial are very comperable to that of the game...just slightly better given it was an offline production. Hopefully this is what they are doing as it will be a pretty fair representation of the game. If its "we took in game assets and re-rendered them based on what we were given"...well then that would be a different story and atleast from my perspective would be more akin to the famous Killzone trailer.

Not a hater btw...I LOVE the Halo series and am eagerly awaiting its return.

Boink4449d ago

they don't try and pass it off as gameplay, they come out and say "it will be CGI"


Dlacy13g4449d ago

Is it me or does MS really seem to have their sh*t together this go round? I mean they are just firing on all cylinders right now! I knew they were going to be throwing some heavy punches come Nov. but this is beyond what I thought....and honestly I think there is a lot more coming from MS. You know there is going to be another big announcement come 22nd. 360's bday will not go by quietly.

Sphinx4449d ago

They really seem to be very good at doing business the right, ethical way... and taking care of their customers.

Ravenator5294449d ago

It's just that Sony had a stable PSone userbase with a 10 million PS2 userbase at the time when the original XBox launched.

M$ didn't stand a chance in the last-gen.

Even though they had a stronger system, better online service, and spawned what is probably one of the most recognizable game franchises in recent years.

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The story is too old to be commented.