VGU Talks: What To Expect From Nintendo’s E3 Conference

Nintendo may not have a live show at E3 this year but they will be holding a special edition of Nintendo Direct. We can expect to see more information concerning Smash Bros, Bayoneta 2 and Hyrule Warriors. But could we also see a wave of new Nintendo exclusive titles?

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IanVanCheese1637d ago


More Zelda...

I'm out of ideas

Baccra171637d ago

"I'm out of ideas"

You sound just like Nintendo.

marloc_x1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Lol..Sony and Microsoft announcing they are gonna mix up their usual E3 presentation with something different? Would say THEY are following suit..

kyon1471637d ago

Mario and a new zelda

Won't be a single new I.

R00bot1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Actually, I think they confirmed Miyamoto's new IP for reveal at this E3.

Edit: It's not confirmed for E3 this year, but it's confirmed for release this year. They're almost definitely going to show it at E3 if it releases this year.

KonsoruMasuta1637d ago

Well, they will probably show off X, which is technically a new IP.

deafdani1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Unless it's a sequel to Xenoblade, in which case it wouldn't be a new IP. But I wouldn't care because it would stay as my most anticipated game anyway.


Sincere01211637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I'd be happy with, Star fox, Metroid, open world Mario, open world pokemon game, Zelda, f zero, Luigi's mansion 2, n64 and GameCube games on virtual console, new ip's, more info on announced games like x, bayonetta and sonic boom.

I cud go on... Lol we can all dream tho right.

LightDiego1637d ago

More details from Project X.
The return of Star Fox, Metroid, F-Zero.
A Pokemon rpg for Wii U.
Tons of games for 3DS.

Loadedklip1637d ago

Give me release dates and more info on already known games.

Hyrule Warriors
Smash Bros U
Yarn Yoshi
Sonic Boom

Give me a full demonstration on the next Zelda which is confirmed to be on the show but never seen before.

Give me a look at the next Mario Game.
Hopefully closer to Mario Galaxy in gameplay.

Now then ... for unannounced ... I am hoping for

Metroid Wii U by Retro Studios
Metroid 3DS by R&D1/Intelligent Systems
Castlevania SotN sequel for 3DS by IGA I hope ... (rumored)
Star Fox Wii U by Platinuum Games

Miyamoto's new IP is a Core game and not some casual stuff.

If you give me this ... I will be in heaven.

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