Wolfenstein: The New Order Old vs New Gen Direct-Feed Screenshot Comparison: 'Massive' Difference

GearNuke: "Earlier this week, we shared a Wolfenstein: The New Order comparison GIF, which compared the PS4 version against the Xbox 360 version. The difference was huge in our eyes but many people didn't really take it as such. The point of that comparison was to show people that the difference between current generation and the previous generation is only increasing with time, although there are still a few cross-gen titles that hold well against their current gen counterparts. Wolfenstein: The New Order definitely isn't one of them, as the game seems to have been toned down significantly to meet the 60 fps frame rate target on previous gen."

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JediDiah1663d ago

That first "NEXT GEN" feeling for me: N64,Dreamcast,Xbox, and 360....this Gen is a little disappointing to me.

DoubleYourDose1663d ago

I agree. So far this new generation of console games hasn't provided a substantial leap forward in graphics. I'm sure we will see better results down the road.

yezz1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

You should really go and look those ps3/360 launch titles.. They look completely different compared to more current ones.

CanadianTurtle1662d ago

It's completely different different when you're seeing a video on youtube and actually seeing a next gen game on an HD television.

retro_1662d ago

It's clear that the latest gen games look better than prev gen but Ryse is a strange one. It looks nice but that frame rate is very much last gen.

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Qrphe1662d ago

7th gen wasn't really excited for me graphically. I think it's just an age thing.

Rowco1471663d ago

Bf4,killzone shadowfall, infamous second son dropped my jaw seeing it on my 60" LED


Battlefield 4 still trips me out...very nice looking game.

rayzorn1663d ago

off topic . but wasnt sure if anyone knew the answer

i ordered wolfenstein ps4 on ebay and the dickwad sent me a spanish copy. no where in the description did it say it was spanish and the guy was selling the game from the U.S.

was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way i could set the game to english. dont want to open it incase there isnt. so i can return it.

not hating on spanish people so dont get mad but i cant read spanish.

InFAMOUS11663d ago

If it is still wrapped, you can probably do a swap at Walmart, Target, Bestbuy etc.

Qrphe1662d ago

If it's a EU version then it comes in all languages. It's rare to see Spanish-only NA games (I guess Mexico).

Errefus1662d ago

All games in Mexico are in US Copies not EU probably a Spain copy of the game.

rayzorn1662d ago

idk what version i just know it was all in spanish in the back. but i was able to find out it hade english language to choose from.

it all worked out good. thanks to everyone for the comments.

young7yang1663d ago

The difference is definitely there but its not a "WOW" kind of difference. More like a "MEH"!

Tedakin1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

People forget that this is how the last gen was too. Cross gen games don't represent the next gen and people need to stop comparing them. The first year, most games aren't that big of a leap. Remember King Kong, Madden, Gun on the Xbox 360? Everyone was laughing about how it barely looked any different than the Xbox 1 versions. Then games like Oblivion and Gears of War started rolling out...

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