Trials Fusion PS4 Review | RGN

Paul of RGN writes, "Currently at the time of this Review, players can only play local multi-player on the same screen, which is a very cool racing experience introducing real life side by side dynamics, but soon fully Online Multiplayer will be launched for the title providing a much more exciting gameplay option. At that point, this title becomes a must-have for sessions with friends.

After spending enough time to acquire the gold medals needed to unlock the final tracks I am looking forward to incoming DLC as well as player-created runs. That will give this title the longevity it deserves for a different type of session whether you are in it for serious competition or just out to have some high flying fun. Trials Fusion gets a 9 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz, making it a an RGN Gold rated game. Be on the lookout for future reviews of the upcoming add-on content for Trials Fusion Season Pass holders soon."

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