PS4: Sony Aims To Consolidate 1st Place in Console Market; PS Now to Get “Open Beta” this Summer

Today Sony sent a press release indicating its plans to improve the profitability of its core businesses for the fiscal year 2014 and “Establish Foundations for Sustainable Growth from FY2015,” and it’s not very surprising that the first business to be listed is the one related to gaming, which is one of the most solid within the company’s portfolio.

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TheNotoriousNiceGuy1613d ago

That's pretty much 4 consoles they got to support

Abriael1613d ago

what's the 4th? PS4, PS Vita, PS3 + ?

Abriael1613d ago

Oh, get it now. Guess you could put it like that, yeah.

THC CELL1613d ago

vita tv is a console lol

Magicite1612d ago

PSP is still alive, so its 5 :D

darx1612d ago

Stop wasting resources on the PS Vita and Morpheus is a start.

Sharius1612d ago

not sure if serious....

but i'm sure that everyone i knew who bought PS vita love that system

maybe this system don't sell as much as 3DS but it offer its own experience, the niche system have its own unique game

TheGrimReaper00111612d ago

I second this

I have a ps vita and just as a handheld, I think it's the best handheld ever made. In terms of library, I think 3DS wins (with great DS games to boot)

And those who don't have a vita, dont say it doesn't have any games, cause then you clearly show how ignorant you are. Yes, I would like more games, but we have great games like:
- Uncharted
- Killzone Mercenary
- Hatsune Miku
- Terraria
- Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD
- LBP vita
- Dragon's Crown
- Soul Sacrifice Delta
- Gravity Rush
- Persona 4 Golden
- Super Stardust Delta

And just to name a few. That being said,
My body is ready for Gravity Rush 2!

LordMaim1612d ago

That would be a mistake.

johndoe112111612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Why do yo care?? You don't intend on getting any. Any particular reason you keep trolling PS articles?

killerluffy1231612d ago

I want new games , not some stupid remote play and playsation now ......

johndoe112111612d ago

Another troll. What is it with you guys today? You said yesterday that you sold your vita. Why do you care?? Why do you keep trolling sony articles with your anti-sony/anti-vita/pro nintendo 3ds drivel? It's getting pretty stale and tiring now. Don't you have anything productive to do?

MasterCornholio1612d ago

Stop being a dudebro and make constructive comments for once.

bobbyab1612d ago

good luck against M$ always using their pockets to win.

FriedGoat1612d ago

Do you mean always using their pockets to come last like the 360? or last like the original xbox?

MysticStrummer1612d ago

"good luck against M$ always using their pockets to win"

Hasn't worked yet. Not with game consoles anyway.

TheFallenAngel1612d ago

Well playstation has always been number 1. I just want more games from 1st and 3rd party.

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The story is too old to be commented.