Rumor: Speculation of Gouki/Shenlong in SFIV?

If you enter the "Consumer" part from the official Japanese SFIV site, you can see this updated page for the PS3 and 360 versions.

Fei Long and Dan are pretty much officially confirmed as extra characters in the home version, as the concept art of them appears above "Extra Characters Added?".

Original Anime of each character's background story is also confirmed to be added in the home console.

The picture shows anime of Ryu and an old man that's either Gouki/Shenlong or Gen, but the fine print says "the above images are different from the ones that will be in the PS3 and 360 versions", but is Capcom trying hint at something?

On related note, the Arcade part of the SFIV homepage is updated with Rufus and Seth's pictures.

Tatsunoko VS Capcom's official site is also updated with a comic type layout & info. You can flip through the pages by the arrows below the comic.


Typo: Gouki sould be Gouken, Ryu's Master.
Either way, there's a picture an old man on the official home versions of the SFIV site.

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REPLOID243890d ago

shen long would kick seth's @ss all over the place!

PlayStation3603890d ago

This is getting me a little confused. Gouki is Akuma. If they are referring to Ryu/Ken's master, then they are talking about Gouken.

*sigh* I'm not helping my coolness factor am I?
*everyone shakes their head*


Presentist3890d ago

I disagreed with you solely because pointing out your flaws is not a negative thing.

I also gave you +bubbles for being honest.

lbartley3890d ago

This is a horrible post. It should be removed and resubmitted.

As was said, Gouki = Akuma, Shenlong, whoever that may be, is not Gouki. Are you perhaps referencing the hoax character "Sheng Long"?

Gouki/Akuma isn't an old man either, the skin and hair in that image are far too light to be Akuma. I could see maybe Gen.

Basically, though, this post is just totally confused, and very misleading.

Presentist3889d ago

Who cares, stop taking the internet so seriously, you'll give yourself a heart attack.