Xbox One External HDD Details: Playing Games Need Installation, Format Doesn't Matter, Power Source

Some more details regarding upcoming external HDD features for Xbox One. Nelson talks about whether external HDD will only be used for storage purpose or for playing games as well, power source, format and lot more.

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corvusmd1609d ago

Nice, it seems like they are doing it right. You'll have to format the drive to be dedicated to XB1, but other than that, it's just a portable extension of your XB1 hard drive, you don't even need a power source for it. Also either way 16tb or no limit, that's a ton.

Septic1609d ago

Yeah external HDD support is a Godsend, especially not that the installation files for games are huge.

A very welcome move and nice that we aren't being asked to purchase first party proprietary hard drives as was feared initially.

Wikkid6661609d ago

I would still expect at some point to see a Xbox branded external drive though.

4Sh0w1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Nelson replied: "You install to the external drive and then play games from it. Pull it out, head to your friends house. Plug it in, sign in to Xbox Live...BAM...all your games on the HDD are ready to be played off the HDD."

Yeah its "limited" to 16TB which is already overkill, because #1 you got to buy basicly every damm game available for years to fill it up and #2 most folks aren't going to be buying USB 3.0 16TB HDD that cost $1,500.

-I'll probably get this 4TB USB 3.0 that costs a very reasonable $150 and that should easily last me the next 5 yrs at least, hell 5 yrs from now IF I need to I'll upgrade to a 8TB, which should be dirt cheap by then.

-I really appreciate this decision by micro, this and making a huge creative game like Project Spark free standout as some of the best consumer friendly decisions they've made this gen.

hellzsupernova1609d ago

No one should complain about the limit, 16tb is a crazy amount of data.
Nice to see some good changes

Elit3Nick1609d ago

I agree I can't EVER see myself using anything close to that

GarrusVakarian1609d ago

Does anyone know if i can plug in my existing external HDD and watch movies/tv shows that are on it, on my X1? I used to do that on my 360, would be nice to be able to do the same on my X1.

creatchee1609d ago


Probably not, since it seems like your Xbox One will format the drive when you first connect it.

Baccra171609d ago

What video formats does the Bone support?

kreate1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

the 360 doesnt work like that anymore does it?
cuz when i plugged in my ex hdd, the system wanted to format the drive.

im hoping this x1 feaure will work the same way as the ps3. just plug and play.

but if its gonna format the drive, than that sucks.

lets see if ps4 can do it better. if ps4 cant do this by the end of this year, i think x1 have a good chance to catch up.

cuz my heart is moving toward the x1 over ps4.

HyperBear1609d ago

This is an awesome feature that I will definitely be taking advantage of when I buy my Xbox One :D

Even if there is a 16TB max limit, I don't think anyone would need anything bigger than perhaps 4TB, at least that's what I'll be using. Also, it's awesome that the Xbox One can also power the external drive without needing to plug the drive into an outlet.

TimeSkipLuffy1609d ago

I am buying the X1 as a secondary console because of the update to Games for Gold and this epic feature! :D
This is something I want for the PS4 for sure!

IRetrouk1609d ago

I agree that its a really good feature that sony need to implement, would really help with the whole running out of space on the main drive.

Mikelarry1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

You have the option to replace your hard drive on the ps4 to whatever size you want so you dont " run out of space on the main drive". I currently have a 2tb drive installed on mine, i am glad MS atleast offered us this option but i would have much preferred the ability to swap out the hard drive of my xbox one it just makes it another wire i have to run out of my one making it look really untidy.

Charybdis1609d ago

Only problem I see is indeed having an cable and extra hard-drive attached to the x1.

Agree that the ps4 also needs this feature swapping hard drives is nice feature. Though if you already downloaded some games to original hdd and decide on new hdd, without external hdd support you will need to re-download those games to the new hard-drive.

IRetrouk1609d ago

I know you can swap out the harddrive but you have to format the drive if you take it out and put it back in so that means redownloading everything, at least with the ability to add externally you can cut down on the hassle, I do see your point though.

Mikelarry1609d ago

@ retro and char

i never thought about it that way, thanks for the reply

IRetrouk1609d ago

No problem :-) to be honest I should have got a bigger drive day one but I just wasnt thinking about it, still have plenty of space left on my drive so will cross that bridge when I have to lol

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If youre implying that the ps4 is your primaery console, why would you want an xb1 because of games with gold? Isnt it pretty much the ssme thing as ps+ now? NOT trying to talk shit about the Xbox one. Just trying to figure out why using an external HDD and having another PS+-like service makes you want an xbone.

vega2751609d ago

Maybe he's interested in what is on game with gold or whats coming out for x1. I have ps+ and xbox live on both my consoles so I dont miss anything. The joy of having multiple consoles

djplonker1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )


ps + and games for gold are hardly the same....

Games with gold

dust - 2012

saints row 3 - 2011


ps +

Puppateer - 2013

payday 2 - 2013

marumusa rebirth - 2013

everybodys golf - 2012

stick it to the man - 2013/14

No_Limit1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )


"I have ps+ and xbox live on both my consoles so I dont miss anything. The joy of having multiple consoles "

Amen! I am with you, getting Mario Kart 8 in a week on Wii U, just got Wolfenstein on XB1 yesterday and decided to get Watch Dog for my PS4 at Best Buy next week due to them having marked down a year of PSN+ to $25 when I buy them together. Happy gaming.

Gamer6661609d ago


You are not taking into account several things around XBL as well...

It is not only about free games...

XBL also has XBox rewards which gives you Live rewards for purchases of games and playing games. The rewards are converted to money into your account on a monthly basis.

Also, I followed XBL and PSN+ sales (valentines, Halloween, end of year, seasonal, publisher, etc.) for a year. I found that XBL Gold had a total of $770 more savings on content prices than PS+.

So, when you look at value, it is not only about freebies. It is also about cost savings when you buy content, and financial rewards when you play games.

TimeSkipLuffy1609d ago

I intended to buy the X1 for their exclusive games anyway.
Most of the games probably be the same but I usually play PS4 at my home and have the X1 as replacement to play exclusive games and whenever my girlfriend is playing on my PS4 :D

Also GfG will also have their own exclusive games.

I might be a PS gamer but I don't look away when a competitor is doing something right :)
And 3 bucks a month for 2 X360 games to keep and 2 X1 games for rent is something awesome. They might have copied PS+ but copying good things is a good thing! :D

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1609d ago

@Luffy Same here. I'm buying a XB1 this weekend. It will be my secondary console. My PS4 will always be my main platform. I think Sony should implement ex external HD support too. But you do know that you can just buy any laptop HDD and use it right ?

XiSasukeUchiha1609d ago


Good idea Thanks man Sony should listen to this one!

GodGinrai1609d ago

welcome to the club, PrinceOfAllSaiyans. See you on titanfall, sometime :)

TimeSkipLuffy1609d ago

yes, I know. I'm doing it for the PS3 (the slim model is even built just great to swap the drive without screw :D)

I don't have that many games for PS4 but it soon will be full. Switching HDs via USB 3.0 is just cooler for me. With X1 I can plug in any future 16TB external HD and just have one HDD instead of switching because 9.5mm drives won't get much bigger.

deepio1609d ago

If you can only use the HDD with an xbox one once it has been formatted then no chance of playing ripped/downloaded music and movies off it, which is a shame.

KwietStorm1609d ago

Yea that really sucks. I guess there had to be some negative about it.

Intentions1609d ago

Yeah, but it was the same for the xbox 360, if you wanted to use the USB as a storage device, you also had to let the 360 format it.

deepio1609d ago

True. Maybe you'll still be able to plug a separate HDD in with content already on it, in the future.

sgtGanGreen1609d ago

They said that for x360 and still I played my home videos and slideshow my pictures from camera

nevin11609d ago

so the X1 is a media device now?

GodGinrai1609d ago


Well, its not JUST a games console,tbh..

DeathOfTheFanBoy1609d ago

You may be able to use a 2nd drive (you can use 2 at the same time) for ripped movies or music. Also it is possible that they will let you format just a portion of the 1st drive for xbox stuff and the rest for personal usage.

esemce1609d ago

It will probably format to FATx so it wont be easily used in a PC etc, you could play ripped music of it if MS allow it but don't think they would allow home ripped movies.

There could be an option to rip custom soundtracks through the XB1 like you could on the original Xbox in future.

Being able to have all your games already on the HDD is great, so will they really play from the HDD without the the need for the game in the drive? If so this could be a potential hack exploit for piracy.

deepio1609d ago

MS allowed ripped movies on the 360 so why not X1? Also there was a rumour of a VLC app coming.

mhunterjr1609d ago

We'll in the 360 you had to reformat drives that you wanted to use for game storage, but if you wanted to use it for media, it was plug and play. Hopefully, this will still be the case.

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Gamer19821609d ago

Its a nice feature. I still think 1TB is enough for games and once you get to that amount your dash is cluttered and you should be wiping games off anyway. Unlike STEAM where theres a great way of organization. If they could maybe sort that out next then it really would be perfect..

JeffGUNZ1609d ago

I see what you're saying, but I typically just "pin" what I play the most and what I use the most to my main screen and will swap depending on what I want. Also, if you remember your library, "Xbox go to (whatever game)" and it will take you there.

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