Watch_Dogs: Ton of Exciting New Details on Story, Gameplay, Graphics & More From Twitch Stream

Recently, Russian website live stream Watch Dogs Xbox 360 gameplay. Here are some interesting and pretty useful details on Watch Dogs graphics, story and other aspect from the live streaming.

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Martinineter1613d ago

The close we come, the better it gets.

sam_job1613d ago

last few days has been full of Watch Dogs leak and we haven't seen or heard anything negative about the game.. so Day One buy for me...

mogwaii1613d ago

You must be blind if you read that and couldn't find anything negative.

lashes2ashes1613d ago

Cool details except for the assasins creed part. I thought it was most widely know they take place in a shared universe. I read it here way before I even played ac4. But I guess if you don't play ac the abstergo watch dog tech connection would not be as appearent.

MegaRay1613d ago

Why would anyone want to spoil a game for themselves that will came in a weak.
I stop following any game after they announce a release date

sander97021613d ago

"Graphics/Visuals are top-notch, especially for last-gen consoles i.e Playstation 3 and Xbox 360"
Did he just say that the game looks best on last-gen or am I reading that wrong?

jay21613d ago

Yes you're reading that wrong, he's saying that they're up with the better looking games of last gen on the hardware, not they're the best looking but they're up there with the best looking last gen games.

sander97021613d ago

That makes allot more sense thank you for correcting!

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