Soundbreak: Talking 'Transistor' With Darren Korb

Max Level: Transistor has only been out for a day, and the creativity it’s shooting through the gaming industry is already making it one of the best games of 2014. California-based studio Supergiant Games may not be the most well known of developers, but their work has already made a profound mark to gamers everywhere. With the multiple award-winning Bastion under their belt, Supergiant games is looking to repeat the successful process with Transistor. The game itself is pretty spiffy, but there is one thing that stands out, regardless of whether or not you’ve played the game: the soundtrack.

I took some time to catch up with the game’s composer Darren Korb to get an in-depth idea of his creative process in his first post-release interview.

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EDI1611d ago

Never fails. Soundtrack is great

yamelmegames1611d ago

Definitely one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a very long time! 'In Circles' is so hauntingly beautiful, and 'Water Wall' is super addicting.